Mike Pence Finally Finds His Spine After Jack Smith Indicts Trump For 1/6

 Mike Pence Finally Finds His Spine After Jack Smith Indicts Trump For 1/6

Credit: AP

Mike Pence apparently has finally realized that he has no shot at winning the Republican nomination so he finally said that Trump is lying about 1/6 and his ability to overturn the election.

Pence said:

On that day, President Trump asked me to put him over the Constitution. Hose the constitution, and I always will. And I really do believe that anyone who puts themselves over the Constitution should never be President Of The United States. And anyone who asks someone else
to put themselves over the Constitution should never be president of the United States again.

I’ve been very forthright about this issue and I’ll continue to be. Now, with regard to the substance of the indictment, I’ve been very clear, I had hoped it wouldn’t come to this. I had hoped that this issue and the judgment of the president’s actions that day would be left to the American people. But now it’s been brought in a criminal indictment.

And I can’t assess whether or not the government has the evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt what they assert in the indictment. And the president’s entitled to a presumption of innocence. But for my part, I want people to know that I had no right to overturn the election. And that what the president maintained that day — and frankly has said over and over again over the last 2 1/2 years is completely false. And it’s contrary to what our constitution and the laws of this country provide.

Video of Pence:

Pence could have said this same thing at any time in the last two and a half years, but he chose not to because he thought that he had a chance of winning the Republican presidential nomination. As it stands, Pence has struggled to meet the criteria to qualify for the first Republican primary presidential debate.

It doesn’t take much courage to speak out after Jack Smith has already done all of the heavy lifting.

What the statement from Mike Pence really means is that the former vice president is realizing that he has no chance of becoming the 2024 Republican presidential nominee, so he is willing to finally stop putting his self-interest first.

No one will ever mistake Mike Pence for a profile of courage.

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