White House Struggles with Migrant Crisis Amid Internal Discord

 White House Struggles with Migrant Crisis Amid Internal Discord


A recent article published by the New York Post has brought to light significant internal strife within the White House concerning the ongoing migrant crisis. This turmoil is highlighted by a detailed account from Axios, which reveals a web of conflicts and disagreements among senior officials in President Biden’s administration.

The report provides an in-depth look at the discord, particularly focusing on Susan Rice, a key aide to President Biden, and her interactions with other members of the Cabinet. Notably, Rice is said to have expressed severe criticism towards Xavier Becerra, the Secretary of Health and Human Services, using derogatory terms to describe him due to frustrations over the administration’s response to the border situation.

The tensions didn’t stop with Becerra; the report also sheds light on the friction between Rice and other high-ranking officials, including Vice President Kamala Harris, Homeland Security Adviser Liz Sherwood-Randall, and others involved in shaping the administration’s border policies. One of the core issues was the administration’s struggle to provide adequate shelter for child migrants, a task that Becerra was reportedly falling short of, leading to Rice’s discontent.

Rice’s dissatisfaction also extended to Vice President Harris, with the report suggesting that Rice doubted Harris’s commitment to immigration policy leadership and even speculated on how Harris’s actions might have impacted her selection as Biden’s running mate in the 2020 election.

Moreover, the article reveals the internal dynamics and criticisms within the team, with aides to Harris reportedly dismissing Rice as merely a “staffer,” despite the serious nature of the disagreements.

Contrary to these claims of discord, a former policy adviser to both Rice and Harris attempted to downplay the conflicts, emphasizing their united efforts to tackle migration challenges.

Adding to the narrative of internal conflict, the report recounts an intense moment aboard Air Force One, where President Biden, visibly frustrated by the ongoing border crisis, demanded up-to-date immigration data from his team.

The escalating tensions, as described in the report, have ostensibly compounded the administration’s challenges in formulating effective decisions on border policy, further complicating an already volatile situation.

The article also points to Vice President Harris’s role in managing the crisis, with some sources criticizing her as “ineffective” and only “sporadically engaged” in her duties related to the crisis.

Despite these portrayals of discord, the White House has countered these narratives, particularly refuting the negative depiction of a high-level meeting as productive, not contentious as reported.

The report also touches on internal debates over the State Department’s role in the crisis, particularly regarding the establishment of regional processing centers, with some officials citing bureaucratic delays as a hindrance to progress.

A spokesperson for the department has since rebutted these allegations of delay, defending the department’s actions.

The insights from this report paint a complex picture of the internal dynamics within the White House, highlighting the multifaceted challenges and disagreements among key figures in the Biden administration as they navigate the delicate and urgent issue of immigration and border management.

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