Michigan AG’s ‘Coded’ Tweet Sparks Controversy ‘Just Say It Out Loud’

 Michigan AG’s ‘Coded’ Tweet Sparks Controversy ‘Just Say It Out Loud’

(Hunter Dyke | The Ann Arbor News) (ANN ARBOR NEWS)

A recent social media post about a former Olympian has stirred controversy, prompting Americans to question Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel’s motives behind a purportedly “coded” message about President Joe Biden.

Michigan AG Dana Nessel, known for prosecuting associates of Donald Trump, shared a post by professional soccer player Alex Morgan. Morgan, expressing disappointment in late June, stated, “This will always be a tournament that is close to my heart and I take immense pride any time I put on the crest… In less than a month, I look forward to supporting this team and cheering them on alongside the rest of our country. LFG.”

Nessel shared Morgan’s statement more than two weeks later, writing, “I adore Alex Morgan. One of the greatest of all time.” She then added, “But she’s aged significantly from her prime playing days & gracefully accepted that in order to win the gold it was time to pass the baton.”

In a separate post, Nessel elaborated, “No one will ever forget her incredible accomplishments, but Alex just wants what’s best for the team and for America. That’s what makes her a true champion.” Former Republican strategist Liam Donovan highlighted Nessel’s post, captioning it, “What is it with Michigan pols and coded tweets?”

The reactions were swift and critical. One user, @tolstoybb, responded directly to Nessel, writing, “Ma’am please just say it out loud, this isn’t the Soviet Union.” Another, @BrandonHasWords, expressed deep disappointment, “As a Michigander I’ve voted Democrat my whole life, and I must say I’ve never been more disappointed in someone I voted for than I am with you after this passive-aggressive post. I will continue to vote blue despite you, but I hope this state finds a better AG soon.”

The controversy centers on the perceived implication that Nessel’s comments about Morgan gracefully stepping aside were a thinly veiled suggestion that President Biden should do the same. The interpretation has led to significant backlash from both political sides.

While some see the comments as harmless, others believe they hint at a larger issue within the Democratic Party. The coded nature of the message has sparked debate about transparency and the appropriateness of such implications in public discourse.

Nessel’s posts have put her in the spotlight, not just for her admiration of Morgan, but for the deeper political message many believe she was conveying. As the controversy unfolds, it remains to be seen how Nessel and her supporters will navigate the backlash and whether this incident will have lasting impacts on her political career and public perception.

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