Melania Trump’s Tensions with Donald Highlighted in New First Lady Book

 Melania Trump’s Tensions with Donald Highlighted in New First Lady Book

(Credit: Reuters)

Katie Rogers’ new book “American Woman: The Transformation of the Modern First Lady, from Hillary Clinton to Jill Biden” delves into the intricate dynamics between former President Donald Trump and his wife, Melania Trump, showcasing the tensions that often became public knowledge.

The book, drawing on interviews with numerous insiders from the Trump circle, reveals the couple’s disagreements ranging from TV channel preferences to reactions to major news events. Melania’s preference for CNN over Trump’s favored Fox News is highlighted as a significant point of contention.

This difference in media consumption led to a notable incident aboard Air Force One in July 2018, where Trump, upon noticing Melania’s TV tuned to CNN, demanded that all televisions be set to Fox News going forward, causing a stir within the White House staff.

The couple’s divergent tastes extended to the decoration of their White House residence, with Trump’s penchant for opulent, gold-laden furnishings clashing with Melania’s modern aesthetic. In a bid for independence, Melania established her bedroom suite, decorated to her liking, separate from her husband’s,  People magazine reported.

She even moved her parents into the space previously occupied by Michelle Obama’s mother, signaling a degree of autonomy within the presidential quarters. Melania’s stance on national crises often diverged from her husband’s, particularly during incidents like the Charlottesville “Unite the Right” rally and NFL protests.

“Her tweets were small gestures that amounted to little more than digital ephemera,” Rogers said. “Still, compared with her husband’s bridge burners, Melania’s missives established her as a rare figure in the Trump administration who seemed more interested in calming a cultural divide than widening it.”

While Trump’s responses tended to inflame tensions, Melania sought to offer more conciliatory messages, emphasizing peace and understanding. However, her attempt to navigate these cultural divides was not without controversy, as evidenced by her infamous jacket with the message “I Don’t Care. Do U?” during a visit to migrant children, which was widely criticized and added to the chaotic narrative surrounding the Trump administration.

The book also touches on Melania’s reaction to Trump’s scandals, such as the Stormy Daniels affair, which led to her canceling an overseas trip in a display of discontent. These episodes paint a picture of a first lady striving to maintain her identity and values amid the tumultuous backdrop of her husband’s presidency, often finding herself at odds with his more divisive tendencies.

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