Staff Repurposes Melania Trump’s Seldom-Used White House Office as She Longs for Home

 Staff Repurposes Melania Trump’s Seldom-Used White House Office as She Longs for Home

(Photo by Steven Ferdman/WireImage)

In the waning days of her tenure as the first lady, Melania Trump reportedly adopted a more relaxed demeanor within the White House, frequently donning hotel-style terry cloth bathrobes, according to a New York Times article that contrasts her time in the role with that of Dr. Jill Biden. The piece suggests that Melania was mentally preparing to leave the presidential residence following the 2020 election loss of her husband, Donald Trump, to Joe Biden.

As the Trump administration’s final departure date of January 20, 2021, neared, Melania seemed to be increasingly disengaged, focusing her energies on personal projects and the organization of her belongings. Reports indicate that she was seen around the White House in a state of casual attire, sorting through mementos and gifts accumulated during her time as the first lady. Despite these reports, a spokesperson for Melania labeled these descriptions as “misinformation,” challenging the portrayal of her final days in the iconic role.

Melania’s anticipation for returning to private life was palpable, with former aides characterizing her as both “checked out” and “exhausted” by the demands of her public position. One of her primary activities during this transition was the compilation of photo albums that documented the aesthetic contributions she made to the White House.

Stephanie Grisham, Melania’s former press secretary, highlighted the outgoing first lady’s singular focus on these albums, indicating a deep personal investment in preserving the visual legacy of her initiatives and projects.

Melania also took proactive steps to establish her post-White House life, including the arrangement of an office in Palm Beach, Florida, and ensuring a smooth transition for her son, Barron, amidst the significant changes.

In the days preceding the tumultuous Capitol attack on January 6, 2021, Melania was engrossed in cataloging various keepsakes stored in what her aides referred to as the “swag room.” This collection included a variety of items ranging from key chains to crystal bookends, representing tangible memories of her time in office. She was also preparing small gifts for distribution among the Trump family’s friends and allies.

On the day of the Capitol siege, it was reported that Melania was more focused on domestic matters within the White House, such as selecting a rug and documenting it for her photo albums, despite Grisham’s attempts to engage her in addressing the violence unfolding at the Capitol.

By December 2020, CNN had already reported Melania’s readiness to leave the White House, with sources close to her suggesting a lack of enthusiasm for a potential 2024 presidential bid by Donald Trump.

Since vacating the White House, Melania has largely retreated from the public eye, making only sporadic appearances and steering clear of political engagements. Although she was present at the announcement of Trump’s reelection campaign in November 2022, her subsequent absence from campaign events has been noted.

Nonetheless, Melania has publicly supported her husband’s bid for reelection, expressing to Fox News Digital in May 2023 that it would be an honor to serve again as the first lady. She lauded Donald Trump’s accomplishments during his first term and expressed confidence in his ability to guide the nation toward further success and prosperity.

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