Melania Trump Will Not Be on First Lady Duty 24/7 if Donald Wins, Insider Claims

 Melania Trump Will Not Be on First Lady Duty 24/7 if Donald Wins, Insider Claims


Former First Lady Melania Trump has been notably absent from several significant events, including Donald Trump’s hush money case verdict, the kickoff of his 2024 election campaign in Iowa, and the celebration of his Super Tuesday victories.

Her absence has fueled speculation about her whereabouts and her role if Trump wins the upcoming election. According to Page Six, there are questions about whether Melania will fully assume the responsibilities of the First Lady again if her husband reclaims the presidency in November.

An insider hinted that Melania is unlikely to take on the role of First Lady full-time if Trump wins. The source revealed, “Melania has made a deal with her husband that if he wins the presidency she will not have to be on first lady duty 24/7.” This arrangement is reportedly due to their son, Barron Trump, who is expected to attend New York University in the fall.

The insider explained, “She’s a hands-on mother and is already planning to spend part of every month — and potentially every week — in NYC.” The source emphasized that Barron would need extra support adjusting to college life, especially if his father becomes president again.

“Barron has never been completely on his own before,” the insider noted. “With the added stress of him being both a freshman in college and potentially the son of a president in a predominantly Democratic city, [Melania] wants to be close. The added attention he’ll get if his father is president worries Melania, who is also concerned about the reaction at his school over Barron’s ever-present Secret Service [detail].”

The source continued, “Melania is an extremely protective mother and even pushed back on the idea that Barron would serve as a Republican delegate to the [RNC] from Florida.”

“She feels safe in NYC…in Trump Tower, and it’s Barron’s home, and that’s why she wants him to go to school in NYC,” the source added. “She can provide both emotional and physical support by being close. Everyone remembers how she delayed moving to Washington, DC until Barron finished school.”

Commenting on Donald Trump’s role, the insider said, “Donald is close to Barron, but isn’t going to be tossing footballs with him when he’s the president and the head of the free world. Donald has already agreed to this and feels that mothers and parents across the country will understand Melania’s devotion to their son.”

As reported by She Knows, “Donald trusts Melania to bring up their son the same way he trusted Ivana to bring up their children…he feels it worked for Ivanka, Eric, and Don Jr.”

Journalist Kate Anderson Brower previously alleged, “She’s [Melania] distancing herself even more from her husband and the Washington social-political scene.” According to She Knows, Brower added, “I mean, she clearly hated being in Washington.” Associate editor Mary Jordan agreed, noting that Melania views the First Lady role as “an unpaid, unelected position.”

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