Melania Trump Oversees Immigration Ceremony Amid Controversy Over Trump’s Stance on Immigrant Heritage

 Melania Trump Oversees Immigration Ceremony Amid Controversy Over Trump’s Stance on Immigrant Heritage


Melania Trump, who has maintained a low public profile recently, presided over an immigration ceremony amidst controversial statements by her husband, former President Donald Trump, about immigrants impacting America negatively. At the ceremony, the former first lady reflected on her own experiences with the U.S. immigration system, acknowledging the difficulties it presents.

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, a former close friend of Mrs. Trump who later authored a tell-all book, highlighted the contradiction in the Trumps’ stance on immigration. She pointed out that both Melania Trump and Ivana Trump, two of Donald Trump’s three wives, were immigrants who became naturalized citizens.

Wolkoff questioned Donald Trump’s rhetoric about immigrants “poisoning the blood of our country,” considering the immigrant backgrounds of his family members. Questions have been raised about the speed and process of Melania Trump’s citizenship. The typical path to citizenship, especially for those seeking asylum or marrying a U.S. citizen, often involves lengthy and complex legal battles, sometimes spanning over a decade. Melania Trump’s process, by contrast, appeared relatively expedited.

Raw Story reported reaching out to a New York immigration lawyer allegedly involved in Melania’s immigration process but did not receive a response. Michael Wildes, known for representing the Trump Organization in visa matters, had criticized Donald Trump’s Muslim-majority country travel ban. Yet, he facilitated the immigration process for Melania’s parents, the Knavses, using what is known as “chain migration” – a method frequently condemned by Donald Trump.

During his presidency, Trump strongly criticized “chain migration,” despite its use by his family members, including Melania’s parents, to gain U.S. citizenship. His social media posts denounced the practice, calling for its end and labeling it unacceptable.

The New York Times in 2018 reported the lack of transparency regarding the Knavses’ green card and citizenship timeline, with privacy laws shielding the details.

Ana Navarro, a Republican strategist, criticized the apparent double standard in 2018, noting that while the Trump family benefitted from “family reunification,” others were condemned for using similar immigration pathways. This contradiction becomes more pronounced in light of Trump’s heritage as the son of a first-generation immigrant and his marriage to two immigrants, raising questions about his stance on immigration and its impact on his own family’s heritage.

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