Ex-Friend of Melania Trump Criticizes Donald Trump’s Immigration Stance, “Trump Heirs Have Poisoned Blood”

 Ex-Friend of Melania Trump Criticizes Donald Trump’s Immigration Stance, “Trump Heirs Have Poisoned Blood”

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Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, a former close friend of Melania Trump, recently criticized ex-President Donald Trump for his contentious comments about immigrants, highlighting a contradiction given his own family’s background. Wolkoff recalled Trump’s statement that immigrants are “poisoning the blood of our country” and contrasted it with the fact that two of his wives, Melania Trump and Ivana Trump, are immigrants who became naturalized U.S. citizens, as reported by Raw Story.

Wolkoff’s comments refer to Trump’s remarks during a campaign event in New Hampshire, where he claimed that immigrants have poisoned institutions worldwide. This statement gains significance amidst ongoing Senate negotiations on a border deal. Trump mentioned that these immigrants come from various parts of the world, including Africa and Asia, according to NBC News.

Wolkoff pointed out the irony in Trump’s stance on immigration, considering that his children, Ivana and Melania, have immigrant mothers. Melania Trump, originally from Slovenia, not only immigrated to the U.S. but also facilitated her family’s migration and acquisition of green cards.

Despite Trump’s public denunciation of chain migration and those who use it, his in-laws, Melania’s parents, reportedly utilized this process to gain citizenship. Trump has been vocal on social media against chain migration, calling for its end and criticizing those who bring their families to the U.S. Reports from 2018 indicated some ambiguity regarding how Melania’s parents attained their green cards, as noted by the Times.

Ivana Trump, Donald’s first wife, and mother to three of his children, hailed from then-Communist Czechoslovakia. An FBI document cited inconsistencies in her immigration records, including details about her residence, schooling, and employment, as reported by The Independent.

Interestingly, all of Donald Trump’s children, except one, are from first-generation immigrant mothers. Trump himself is the son of a first-generation immigrant from Scotland. Wolkoff highlighted these points to question Trump’s stance on immigration, wondering whether he considers the immigration backgrounds of Melania and Ivana as detrimental to his lineage. There has been no response from Trump on these observations, nor has there been any inquiry into his views on his father’s immigrant background.

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