DONALD TRUMP MUST APPROVE THIS: Mary Trump’s Evidence Upends Donald Trump’s Legal Battle

 DONALD TRUMP MUST APPROVE THIS: Mary Trump’s Evidence Upends Donald Trump’s Legal Battle

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Mary Trump, the niece of former President Donald Trump, has brought forward a potentially crucial piece of evidence in the ongoing civil fraud trial against the Trump Organization in New York. As reported by Raw Story on November 23, 2023, this evidence involves a note written by the Trump Organization’s chief accountant, Jeffrey McConney, which Mary Trump refers to as the “note from hell.”

The note, found on a document alleged to overstate Donald Trump’s net worth by $3.5 billion, simply states: “DJT TO GET FINAL REVIEW.” Mary Trump, a professional psychologist, shared this information with attorney Joe Gallina of Call to Activism, who underscored its significance. He remarked that a note effectively saying “DONALD TRUMP MUST APPROVE THIS” on a fraudulent document could be a major breakthrough.

This discovery could significantly impact the Trump family’s defense, which has consistently claimed reliance on their accountants’ advice. The note suggests Donald Trump’s direct involvement, challenging this defense and potentially undermining their entire legal argument.

In her Substack article, Mary Trump further revealed that this key document was not provided by Donald Trump’s lawyers during the discovery process but was instead handed over by Mazars, the company responsible for auditing Trump’s finances. This raises questions about the transparency and credibility of Trump’s legal team and could potentially have legal consequences for them.

The civil fraud trial, led by New York Attorney General Letitia James, aims to impose severe penalties on the Trump Organization, including substantial fines and possibly its dissolution in New York. Judge Arthur Engoron has already issued a summary judgment in favor of the state for fraud, focusing the trial on assessing potential damages.

The emergence of the “note from hell” complicates an already intense legal battle, challenging the Trump family’s defense strategy and raising questions about their legal proceedings’ transparency and ethics.

As the trial progresses, attention is increasingly on the actions of Trump’s legal team, particularly regarding their failure to disclose such a significant document. The integrity of their defense now hinges on their response to this revelation.

This development not only affects the trial’s outcome but also influences public perception of Donald Trump’s business practices. With severe financial repercussions and the potential dissolution of the Trump Organization at stake, the case has become a critical point for those seeking accountability for alleged fraudulent activities.

In the coming weeks, the drama in the courtroom is set to escalate as both sides present their cases. Mary Trump’s involvement adds a personal element to the proceedings, intertwining family relations with allegations of financial wrongdoing.

Legal experts and observers are keenly watching how the Trump legal team will address this new challenge and whether they can maintain their defense strategy in light of a document that could potentially undermine their entire case.

The “note from hell” has emerged as a key element in a trial with significant implications for the Trump family and the future of their business empire.

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