Mary Trump Thinks Uncle Donald Is ‘Scared’ and Blames Fox News for Frenzy

 Mary Trump Thinks Uncle Donald Is ‘Scared’ and Blames Fox News for Frenzy


Mary Trump, the niece of former President Donald Trump, believes her uncle is “scared” and blames Fox News for stirring up unnecessary panic. In her latest newsletter, “The Good In Us,” the psychologist delves into the paranoia she sees in the presumptive nominee’s behavior.

Titled “Donald Is Desperate: ‘Cheap fakes’ and what they reveal,” Mary Trump discusses the role of Trump’s “minions” at the Republican National Committee and “paid propagandists” at Fox News in spreading manipulated videos. She accuses these entities of deceptively editing and clipping videos to depict President Joe Biden as confused or disoriented.

Mary writes that these clips are designed to go viral, overshadowing any debunking efforts, and are used by right-wing extremists on social media to paint Biden as cognitively impaired. She draws a parallel to Fox News’ past behavior, noting, “Apparently, Fox hasn’t learned a damn thing from having to fork over $787 million for lying to the American people about the 2020 election while defaming Dominion Voting Systems, because they’re doubling down on their dishonesty.”

Despite settling with Dominion, Fox News is still facing a $2.7 billion defamation lawsuit brought by voting system company Smartmatic. Mary emphasizes that the “cheap fakes” being propagated aren’t just dishonest, but “they’re dirty… Even for politics. Even for the paid propagandists at Fox. Even for the Republican Party.”

She believes these tactics are part of a broader Trump strategy to undermine Biden by focusing on his gaffes and stumbles, which she describes as a “low-blow strategy.” Mary argues that these manipulated videos are pure projection, stating, “Everything we know to be true about Donald — his tendency to wander off aimlessly, literally and rhetorically, his propensity for waving to people who aren’t there — we’re suddenly seeing Biden doing in manipulated videos.”

Mary Trump posits that the attacks on Biden are meant to distract from Trump’s own “impairments” and “lapses,” reflecting a level of desperation among Trump and his supporters. She asserts, “And they are desperate. But not because he’s losing—or not only because he’s losing—but also because he’s losing it. They know it and, on some level, he knows it, too.”

Ultimately, Mary Trump suggests a solution she hopes her uncle might consider: quitting. “For the good of the Republican Party, and the country,” she writes, “Donald needs to step aside and let some other authoritarian, America-hating extremist take over the nomination.”

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