Mary Trump Spills Tea on Uncle Donald’s ‘Secret Deal’ with Russia Over Israel!

 Mary Trump Spills Tea on Uncle Donald’s ‘Secret Deal’ with Russia Over Israel!


In a scorching accusation, Mary Trump, Donald Trump’s outspoken niece, suggests that the former U.S. President may have leaked top-secret Israeli intel to Russia’s Vladimir Putin during the intensifying Israel-Hamas conflict.

On October 9, 2023, as reported by the Independent, Mary Trump voiced her concerns on X, the new-age social media hub. She emphatically wrote, “Did this man just hand over Israel’s security secrets to Putin, Iran, and then Hamas?”

She didn’t stop there, implying that he even shared classified U.S. nuclear submarine details with the Australian PM. “Why’s he not held accountable?” she questioned.

Supporting her claims, she spotlighted a post by Donald Trump on TruthSocial, his personal social platform, where he blamed Biden and Obama for the Israel attacks. Interestingly, he hinted that the attackers might be sneaking into the U.S.

Mary, with a background in clinical psychology and authorship of two books slamming her uncle, is no stranger to opposing Donald Trump. She’s even taken legal action against him and other family members over alleged financial fraud.

Amidst these claims, Israel and Hamas are locked in a devastating conflict, with tragic losses on both sides. Rumors suggest that Donald Trump might have revealed details about Israel’s Iron Dome defense to Putin in 2017, potentially aiding Hamas.

Adding to the intrigue, whispers also indicate Trump possibly shared U.S. nuclear sub info with Australia’s leader in 2019, potentially risking Pacific allies’ security.

Donald Trump, while not directly addressing his niece’s charges, continues to label himself a victim of political vendettas. Consistently denying any collusion with Russia, he remains a staunch supporter of Israel and frequently critiques Biden’s approach to the crisis.

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