Mary Trump Sees Bad Day for Uncle Despite Supreme Court Decision

 Mary Trump Sees Bad Day for Uncle Despite Supreme Court Decision


Mary Trump, the niece of Donald Trump, expressed on Wednesday that despite the Supreme Court’s decision to consider the former president’s claim of immunity, it was not a favorable day for him and his supporters. In her recent Substack post, Mary, who is a psychologist and recently commented on Donald’s deteriorating mental health, delved into the legal challenges her uncle faces.

This commentary coincided with the Supreme Court’s agreement to review the appeal concerning Trump’s immunity, an action some specialists believe could advantage the former president, who is now a criminal defendant. Despite the Supreme Court’s involvement, Mary Trump highlighted a series of setbacks for the MAGA movement within the last day, suggesting a barrage of adverse news.

In her newsletter, she aimed to offer some perspective by listing events that might have gone unnoticed but signify that the battle against Donald Trump is far from over. One notable point she mentioned was Donald Trump’s indication of financial inability to cover his fraud penalty, to which a judge responded critically regardless of Trump’s claims.

“The Supreme Court of the United States just reminded us with their corrupt decision to consider Donald’s immunity case that the insurrection did not fail — it never ended,” Mary Trump wrote, then pivoting to the bright side. “In the meantime, the good news is their decision should not affect Donald’s state cases. Donald faces two criminal state cases: one in New York for allegedly falsifying business records and one in Georgia for election inference, with some charges in the latter case carrying mandatory prison sentences.”

“Has anyone calculated how many gold sneakers Donald has to sell to afford the entire judgment?” she asked.

Another, according to Mary, is that “President Biden gets a physical and MAGA won’t like what his doctor said.”

“President Joe Biden is a healthy, active, robust 81-year-old male,’ President Biden’s physician, Kevin O’Connor, wrote in a memo,” according to Mary Trump.

Mary Trump’s insights come at a time when the legal and public opinion battles surrounding her uncle are intensifying, with the Supreme Court’s review of his immunity claim adding another layer of complexity to the ongoing saga. Her commentary sheds light on the broader context of Donald Trump’s challenges, both legal and financial, painting a picture of ongoing struggles despite what might seem like legal victories or strategic advantages at first glance.

“Michigan proves Donald is vulnerable,” Mary Trump wrote. “While the corporate media framed Michigan as a win for Donald, the fact of the matter is that 300,000 Republicans refused to vote for him.”

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