Mary Trump responds to her uncle’s media attention: “There should be no other news right now”

 Mary Trump responds to her uncle’s media attention: “There should be no other news right now”


Mary Trump, Donald Trump’s niece, criticized the media for not adequately addressing what she perceives as his comments echoing Hitler. Speaking in a conversation with comedian Kathy Griffin, Mary Trump revealed that she has been essentially on “lockdown” since November 9th, 2016, and has lost friends due to political differences.

She expressed frustration that people tend to overlook or selectively pay attention to certain aspects, a situation she believes is exacerbated by the media’s focus on the political horse race. Mary Trump argued that the media should prioritize highlighting Donald Trump’s alleged echoes of Hitler in his rally speeches, asserting that it should be the dominant news, An article published by Raw Story on, November 14, 2023,

“Your experience just reminds me one of the incredible double standards–Republicans can literally be Hitler,” Mary Trump said Tuesday. “And for the corporate media, it’s still all about the horse race, not about the danger. When somebody on the left either makes a mistake or does something that you think is wrong, it’s not just the people on the right who are going to eviscerate you. It’s people on the left too.”

In her words, “The fact that the media doesn’t have above the fold in an 80-point font that Donald is echoing Hitler in his rally speeches or whatever you want to call them, is insane. There should be no other news right now, other, of course, than the fact that the Republican party seems absolutely incapable of governing and is going to destroy this country.”

Mary Trump went on to discuss the challenges of dealing with the prolonged fatigue caused by the ongoing political situation. She emphasized the necessity of not ignoring Donald Trump, despite the impulse to do so, as the consequences are too significant.

Regarding media coverage, she criticized the framing of the race between Biden and Donald, suggesting that treating Donald like any other candidate normalizes what she sees as his harmful actions. She also highlighted the simultaneous trials and the potential for people to perceive them as a conspiracy, emphasizing the need for more media explanation.

Looking ahead, Mary Trump speculated on the impact of verdicts and judgments from ongoing trials, questioning whether they would change the course of events and public perception.

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