Landmark Ruling Disqualifies Trump from Colorado Presidential Primary with Mary Trump Leading Legal Challenge

 Landmark Ruling Disqualifies Trump from Colorado Presidential Primary with Mary Trump Leading Legal Challenge


The Colorado Supreme Court delivered a momentous ruling on Tuesday, effectively disqualifying former President Donald Trump from pursuing the presidency within the state’s borders. This unprecedented decision, rooted in the Constitution’s insurrection clause, directed the secretary of state to exclude Trump’s name from the upcoming Republican presidential primary ballot in Colorado.

The legal challenge against Trump was initiated by none other than his niece, Mary Trump, along with her legal representative. Mary Trump has recently voiced concerns regarding her uncle’s alleged involvement in what she refers to as a “legal fund scam,” adding yet another layer of complexity to the ongoing legal disputes surrounding the former President, as reported by Raw Story.

Mary Trump has been consistently vocal in her criticism of her uncle and his purported methods of amassing wealth. Her most recent action involved conducting an interview on Substack with attorney Joe Gallina, affiliated with Call to Activism. During this interview, Mary expressed her satisfaction with what she characterized as outstanding news from the Colorado Supreme Court.

She sought Gallina’s perspective on the court’s decision, and he underscored the significance of the ruling in upholding the principles of the rule of law, reinforcing democracy, and safeguarding the integrity of the Constitution.

This ruling stands as an extraordinary legal development, as it marks the first instance of a presidential candidate being disqualified based on Section 3 of the 14th Amendment. However, it’s important to note that this decision’s jurisdiction is limited to the state of Colorado.

Nonetheless, according to CBS News, there are more than 25 lawsuits contesting Trump’s candidacy in various states in the run-up to the 2024 election. Among these legal challenges, the Colorado case, representing six voters, emerges as the most significant obstacle to Trump’s potential presidential campaign. Despite these legal hurdles, national polls continue to show Trump leading the field of candidates vying for the Republican presidential nomination.

Looking ahead, Joe Gallina remarked, “We really do have a lot to celebrate,” but he also cautioned about potential future legal battles. He emphasized the gravity of the ruling, stating, “Tomorrow’s another day you could end up before the Supreme Court, but today, I feel like someone who has been shouting from the rooftops about how terrible Donald Trump has been since the moment he announced.”

Gallina quoted the court’s statement, saying, “We conclude that the foregoing evidence established that President Trump engaged in insurrection,” directly addressing Trump with the words, “Donald, your gig is up.” Furthermore, Gallina asserted, “You deserve to lose in 2024, and I hope you are wiped off the ballot in every state of the union because you deserve it.”

This lawsuit adds another layer to the myriad of legal challenges confronting Trump and his presidential aspirations. Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Trump’s campaign announced their intention to contest the ruling by appealing to the U.S. Supreme Court. This decision sets the stage for a high-stakes legal showdown regarding Trump’s eligibility to run for office, coinciding with the commencement of early state primaries in the Republican electoral process.

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