Mary Trump Highlights Iowa Caucus as Indicator of Donald Trump’s Vulnerabilities, Launches Campaign to Thwart 2024 Bid

 Mary Trump Highlights Iowa Caucus as Indicator of Donald Trump’s Vulnerabilities, Launches Campaign to Thwart 2024 Bid


Mary Trump, the niece of former President Donald Trump and a vocal critic of both him and their family, expressed on Tuesday that the media overlooked critical aspects of the Iowa caucus results that were unfavorable to her uncle.

In her statement, Mary Trump emphasized that the Iowa caucus revealed Donald Trump’s vulnerabilities. She mentioned that she had noticed important details in Iowa results that most media outlets missed, prompting her to initiate a nationwide campaign aimed at preventing Donald Trump from winning the 2024 general election and potentially harming the country.

Mary Trump highlighted the emotional impact of seeing Donald Trump win in any context, given her negative view of him. However, upon closer inspection of the Iowa data, she experienced a sense of hope that there was still a chance to hinder his campaign efforts.

“But have no fear: As I looked more closely at the Iowa data (the actual numbers beyond just what the media reported) I felt something I haven’t felt in a while: hope – hope that we can derail Donald’s campaign,” she wrote Tuesday.

One key piece of data Mary Trump focused on was the low voter turnout in the 2024 Iowa caucus. She noted that despite predictions of high turnout, only about 110,000 voters participated, marking one of the lowest turnouts in the past 24 years. This was significantly lower than the nearly 187,000 GOP voters who participated in the 2016 caucus.

Another significant point she raised was that almost half of the Republican voters at the caucus did not choose Donald Trump. This indicated that nearly 50% of those who participated in the caucus preferred other candidates over him. Furthermore, she cited a new poll suggesting that a substantial portion of supporters of another candidate, Haley, would prefer to vote for Biden over Trump in the general election.

Mary Trump also downplayed the importance of the Iowa results, echoing sentiments from The New York Times that the results in Iowa, a state with a small and predominantly white population, do not offer substantial insights for the 2024 general election. This perspective highlights the limited demographic representation in Iowa and questions the state’s influence on the broader electoral landscape.

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