Mary Trump demonstrates how her uncle Donald amassed wealth

 Mary Trump demonstrates how her uncle Donald amassed wealth

(ABC News/AFP)

As James Comer and his impeachment team grapple with constructing a thin corruption case surrounding a $200,000 loan repaid by James Biden to Joe, former President Donald Trump’s niece, Mary Trump, weighed in on Thursday with a thought-provoking observation.

Mary Trump suggested that it might not be the Biden loan that is controversial for Republicans but rather the act of repaying the loan itself that poses a problem. In an op-ed titled “How to Be Corrupt & Get a Free Pass,” Mary Trump criticized Comer’s case against the Bidens, which recently faced scrutiny from a high-profile fact-check.

Drawing parallels to her uncle Donald Trump’s financial dealings with his father, Fred Trump, Mary questioned Donald’s aversion to repaying borrowed money, speculating that significant portions of his wealth were built on unpaid loans. She highlighted instances where Fred Trump provided his son with approximately $413 million in never-repaid loans and untaxed gifts disguised as investments.

Mary recounted an episode where Fred sent a chauffeur to Donald’s casino with $3 million in cash to buy chips, resulting in a $30,000 fine for violating gaming commission rules.

Before delving into criticism of Donald Trump, Mary targeted Comer, the House Oversight Committee chairman. She noted reports involving Comer’s brother, a shell company, and a $200,000 check, drawing parallels to the investigation centered around the same amount in the Biden case.

Mary highlighted the financial transaction between Joe and James Biden, where James repaid the exact amount two months later, stating, “Sounds terribly nefarious, doesn’t it?”

In Mary’s perspective, the Republicans’ emphasis on the Biden family finances is not about combatting corruption but rather about undermining a president, even if it involves “making s— up.” She concluded by asserting that these actions align with a party tradition devoid of interest in policy or governance, labeling the hypocrisy as a mere bonus.

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