“They’re Coming for America” Mary Trump Criticizes Right-Wing Threats and Supreme Court Ruling

 “They’re Coming for America” Mary Trump Criticizes Right-Wing Threats and Supreme Court Ruling


Former President Donald Trump’s niece, Mary Trump, responded Thursday to veiled threats of a right-wing revolution and found irony in a recent Supreme Court ruling. Mary Trump addressed comments made by Heritage Foundation president Kevin Roberts, who warned on a far-right cable station that conservatives would be “taking the country back” in a revolution that would only be bloodless “if the left allows it to be.”

“That’s a threat and an open declaration that they’re coming for the America we know and love,” Mary Trump wrote. “They’ve obviously forgotten who they’re dealing with.” Mary Trump expressed shock at the Supreme Court ruling that granted presidential immunity for official acts, a decision that dissenters feared could jeopardize American democracy. However, she also admitted she was not entirely surprised by the decision.

“It completely tracks that the Court would hand down a decision this misguided and un-American,” Mary Trump wrote. “After all, they’re so out of touch with the American people, so enamored of their own unfettered power that they have devolved into an illegitimate supermajority of myopic solipsists.”

She highlighted the irony of Trump being granted immunity for acts purportedly in service of the country, noting, “Donald, the person to whom they’ve been extended, has never done anything, whether criminal or not, in service to his country. His crimes themselves have always been self-serving, one way or the other, and these crimes, and the commission of more in the future, are what the Supreme Court has sanctioned.”

Mary Trump then issued a rallying cry against a conservative movement she argued was too absurd to be infallible. “We need to dump some metaphorical tea in the metaphorical harbor and declare our independence from the ignorant, cruel, and dangerous right-wing zealots who are on a mission to strip our rights and our country away from us,” she wrote.

She condemned the “brazen contempt for the Constitution, the rule of law, and the American experiment,” and pledged to do everything in her power to prevent Donald Trump and his followers from making good on their threats. “It’s why I stand with President Biden and Vice President Harris and will spend every day between now and the election working to make sure they’re re-elected in November,” she concluded.

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