Mary Trump Criticizes Ivanka Trump’s Excuse for Not Testifying ‘Breathtaking Entitlement’

 Mary Trump Criticizes Ivanka Trump’s Excuse for Not Testifying ‘Breathtaking Entitlement’


Former President Donald Trump’s niece, Mary Trump, has been a vocal critic of her uncle and his family. As the author of Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man, she has revealed numerous details about the Trump family. Despite generally staying out of the public spotlight, some of her statements have garnered significant attention.

In a November interview on MSNBC, Mary Trump criticized Ivanka Trump’s excuse for not testifying in her father’s civil fraud trial, as reported by HuffPost. Ivanka Trump had argued that the court date coincided with a school week, making it an “undue hardship.” MSNBC host Mehdi Hasan found this justification “pretty remarkable,” and Mary Trump agreed, saying, “I think it just speaks to the breathtaking entitlement of these people that they don’t even think that other people are going to look at their past behavior to realize that they leave their kids home all the time.”

Mary pointed out, as reported by OK! Magazine, that Ivanka and Jared Kushner “have lots of help that most people with young children don’t have.” She added, “And she also seems to have forgotten that she has a husband who can presumably take care of their children.” Mary also commented on the behavior of Donald Trump’s attorneys, suggesting they were trying to provoke Judge Arthur Engoron. “I am wondering if they have forgotten that the judge is not Donald’s base. He cannot be spun. He is going to be looking at the facts and evidence.”

American journalist Maggie Haberman also weighed in, arguing that Ivanka was trying to avoid the courtroom. She noted, “I think lots of parents with three children still are forced to go to court and don’t describe it as an undue hardship, especially somebody with the means that she has… But I think that it is not surprising to see her trying to delay.” Haberman added, “She’s been fighting it,” referencing the Trump family motto, “Fight, fight, fight. Delay, delay, delay.”

She continued, “Don’t forget that Ivanka Trump’s testimony, before the House Select Committee that was investigating January 6, was played at a public hearing… It infuriated former President Trump. I think this creates the potential for some moments that would be, again, very uncomfortable for Ivanka Trump.”

MSNBC’s Glenn Kirschner shared a similar view. As reported by Salon, he said, “I think she has potentially damaging testimony against her brothers and her father, and she is doing everything she can to not have to give that testimony.” He continued, “You don’t see her like you see her brothers with these unhinged rants and interviews. She has kind of gone radio silent.” These insights from Mary Trump and other commentators shed light on the complex dynamics within the Trump family and the legal challenges they face.

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