“Sounds like perjury is on today’s menu,” Mary Trump Claims Cousin Eric Unraveled the Family’s Case in Court

 “Sounds like perjury is on today’s menu,” Mary Trump Claims Cousin Eric Unraveled the Family’s Case in Court


In a dramatic twist at a civil fraud trial, the testimony of Eric Trump, the son of former President Donald Trump, sent shockwaves through the courtroom, leading his cousin Mary Trump to declare that he had inadvertently unraveled “the entire case” for the Trump Organization.

Mary Trump, a vocal critic of her uncle’s business practices and a trained psychologist, has not held back in her public denunciations of the Trump family’s dealings. Her commentary has been particularly sharp of late, especially following her bold prediction that Ivanka Trump might turn against her father in the face of legal adversity.

According to The Raw Story on November 02, 2023, The gravity of Eric’s testimony became apparent during the proceedings on Thursday, as recounted by Mary Trump on a news platform, where she expressed her astonishment at the developments. “It’s unbelievable,” Mary stated, providing a blow-by-blow account of the courtroom saga.

She highlighted a specific instance from the trial where Eric Trump’s claims began to crumble under scrutiny. Initially, he asserted a lack of familiarity with the Trump Organization’s statement of financial condition, claiming it was a recent discovery for him. However, under relentless questioning, he conceded his awareness of the document dated back to 2013.

Mary Trump underscored the contradictions in Eric’s statements by pointing out an email presented during the trial. The correspondence contradicted his claims of non-involvement, showing that Trump Organization employees had been informed of his direct work on the very statement he had earlier professed ignorance about.

The cascade of inconsistent testimonies led Mary to make a scathing assessment: “They lie so much, they can’t even keep track of their own bulls–t.” Her comments suggest a family so entangled in their own fabrications that the truth becomes a casualty in the process. Mary Trump’s biting final remark, “Sounds like perjury is on today’s menu,” hints at potential legal perils that could arise from such contradictory statements.

This courtroom revelation signifies not just a potential turning point in the trial against the Trump Organization but also casts a shadow over the integrity of the statements made by key members of the Trump family. As the trial continues, the eyes of the public and legal experts will be keenly fixed on the unfolding narrative that could have far-reaching implications for one of America’s most high-profile families.

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