Mary Trump reveals her extended family’s alleged transgressions

 Mary Trump reveals her extended family’s alleged transgressions


Mary Trump, the niece of former President Donald Trump, has recently brought to light what she claims are a series of alleged criminal activities within her extended family. This revelation came in response to the news of Hunter Biden, President Joe Biden’s son, facing nine new criminal charges related to tax issues.

In a post on her Substack platform, Mary Trump highlighted the indictment against Hunter Biden, calling for what she terms “equal justice.” She urged prosecutors to investigate a range of alleged offenses she claims are committed by members of her extended family. Mary Trump’s call for scrutiny is not limited to her immediate family but extends to what she describes as a series of misdeeds by a cousin’s husband, as reported by Raw Story on Thursday, December 7.

Mary Trump, who had earlier in the day accused Marjorie Taylor Greene of using a bribe to secure the Vice Presidential spot under Donald Trump, shifted her focus to this relative. She alleges that this individual, whom she doesn’t name directly but identifies as her cousin’s husband, has a lengthy history of questionable actions. According to her, these allegations span his career in both private business and his tenure as a senior advisor in the Trump administration.

She continued:

“Reminds me of a certain people I know… Roger Stone: $2M in taxes owed. Reached a deal, but no indictment. Rudy Giuliani: Nearly $550,000 still owed in taxes. No indictment,” she said.

“Transitioning into full-time handle the job offer. And of course, my own family… Donald Trump: On trial now. More of this, please!”

In her writing, Mary Trump points out that these alleged crimes have been largely overlooked by mainstream media. She emphasizes the need for these accusations to be brought into the public eye and scrutinized, just as Hunter Biden’s case has been. Her call for an investigation is part of a broader narrative that seeks to highlight alleged injustices and hold those in power accountable for their actions.

Mary Trump’s assertions add to the complex and often controversial dynamics of the Trump family, a family that has been under intense public and legal scrutiny. Her perspective as a member of the Trump family, combined with her professional background in psychology, has made her a notable figure in discussions about the family’s internal workings and their impact on American politics.

As these allegations surface, they contribute to the ongoing discussion about accountability and justice in political families, challenging both the legal system and public opinion to consider the full scope of potential wrongdoing, regardless of familial or political ties.

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