Trump’s Niece Marry Predicts Legal Trouble for Reps Comer and Jordan Over Impeachment Inquiry

 Trump’s Niece Marry Predicts Legal Trouble for Reps Comer and Jordan Over Impeachment Inquiry

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Donald Trump’s niece firmly believes that Representatives James Comer from Kentucky and Jim Jordan from Ohio find themselves in a precarious situation, potentially facing investigation due to their promotion of what she considers to be fabricated FBI witness testimony aimed at tarnishing the reputations of President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter. This testimony was intended to serve as a foundation for impeachment proceedings.

The impeachment inquiry led by Comer and Jordan placed significant emphasis on the testimony provided by FBI informant Alexander Smirnov. Smirnov alleged that executives from the Ukrainian energy firm Burisma paid both Hunter Biden and Joe Biden $5 million each around the years 2015 or 2016. However, the credibility of Smirnov’s claims has been severely undermined as he has been indicted for concocting a multimillion-dollar bribery plot and for providing false information to federal authorities.

“It’s becoming increasingly clear that the sham impeachment of President Joe Biden was a sham from beginning to an ignominious end, as it appears much of the information upon which it was based originated from the Kremlin,” Mary Trump writes in her most recent Substack issue titled “LAWYER: Comer & Jordan In Deep Trouble”.

In light of these developments, Comer has been compelled to reassess the reliability of the informant’s information. He recounted how the FBI had initially described the informant as credible and trustworthy, noting the informant’s decade-long collaboration with the FBI and compensation in the six-figure range.

Jim Jordan, serving as the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, had previously praised the information provided by the FBI informant regarding the Bidens, describing it as “the most corroborating evidence we have.” He reiterated his stance in December, emphasizing what he perceives as impeachable offenses related to Burisma.

Mary Trump revealed that after discussing the matter with a legal expert friend, she was told that both Comer and Jordan were in “deep trouble.” She also referred to Tristan Snell, a former assistant attorney general for New York State, who outlined two possible explanations for the situation: either the Republican politicians were misled by Smirnov and potentially by Russian influences, or they were complicit in the deception.

For Trump’s niece, the anticipation of repercussions for Comer and Jordan ranges from formal censure to possible criminal charges. She noted the irony in considering the two representatives as particularly deserving of such outcomes, acknowledging that, regrettably, numerous other Republican members of Congress could easily be listed alongside them for similar scrutiny.

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