Mary Trump’s Plot to Put Uncle Donald Behind Bars and the Battle Over His Gag Order

 Mary Trump’s Plot to Put Uncle Donald Behind Bars and the Battle Over His Gag Order

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Mary Trump, a vocal critic of former President Donald Trump and a key figure in the ongoing legal saga, is devising a plan to see her uncle spend time in a jail cell. During a recent episode of her podcast, Mary discussed the latest developments surrounding the gag order imposed on Donald Trump in the 2020 election interference case. She invited attorney Joe Gallina to analyze the legal consequences of the order.

Gallina explained, “If and when he breaks this order, offenses could lead to prison or jail time.” Mary then posed the intriguing question: “Do you have any suggestions for how we can collectively push Donald to violate this gag order?”

The gag order was issued by U.S. District Judge Tayna Chutkan during a recent hearing, prohibiting the former president from making statements that target prosecutors, potential witnesses, or court personnel. While Trump retains the right to assert that the criminal cases against him are politically motivated, he cannot engage in a “smear campaign” against individuals involved in the legal proceedings.

Judge Chutkan warned of further sanctions if Trump defies the order, emphasizing that such behavior is not permitted in any other criminal case. Donald Trump has vowed to appeal the gag order, condemning it as unconstitutional and accusing President Joe Biden of attempting to stifle his political voice.

According to a report by Newsweek on Tuesday, October 17, 2023, Mary Trump responded to the development with a tweet on X (formerly Twitter), stating, “Donald’s gag order: making silence great again.”

The decision to restrict Trump’s inflammatory rhetoric regarding the case underscores its unprecedented nature and the complex issue of limiting the speech of a criminal defendant who is also a presidential candidate. While gag orders are not uncommon, Trump’s status as the leading Republican contender further complicates the matter.

Trump has previously made public comments, including remarks at political rallies, in which he criticized the justice system, Judge Chutkan, Special Counsel Jack Smith, and prosecutors. Judge Chutkan firmly rejected the notion that Trump’s political speech would be curtailed, emphasizing that the restrictions are intended to ensure a fair administration of justice in the case.

“We’re not talking about censorship here. We’re talking restrictions to ensure there is a fair administration of justice in this case,” Judge Chutkan asserted, adding that such derogatory language against prosecutors or judges would not be tolerated in any other criminal proceeding.

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