Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Emotional Reaction to Trump’s Jail Threat!

 Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Emotional Reaction to Trump’s Jail Threat!

Photograph: Lenin Nolly/SOPA Images/REX/Shutterstock

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) expressed her emotions regarding former President Donald Trump’s willingness to face potential jail time in light of a gag order imposed on him. In a recent interview with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones on Thursday, Greene shared her thoughts on the gag order issued by U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan, which prohibits Trump from discussing prosecutors, court personnel, and witnesses.

During the interview, Greene referred to Judge Chutkan as a “radical leftist Obama-appointed judge” and described the gag order as “devastating” for Trump. She also conveyed her admiration for Trump, emphasizing his heroic status in her view.

According to a report by Rawstory on Friday, October 19, 2023, When Jones inquired about Trump’s readiness to go to jail for the country, Greene expressed her overwhelming sentiment, stating that it stirred deep emotions within her. She underscored that Trump’s commitment to this cause was genuine, and he was willing to sacrifice anything to protect the nation.

In addition, Greene extended her gratitude to Trump’s family, staff, and entire team, applauding them for standing up against what she characterized as the most formidable forces within the country—individuals she referred to as “weaponized government” and “communists” currently in control of the government.

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