“It’s far nastier,” she said of Republican attacks” Marjorie Taylor Greene Claims Republicans Are Plotting Revenge Over Effort to Oust Mike Johnson

 “It’s far nastier,” she said of Republican attacks” Marjorie Taylor Greene Claims Republicans Are Plotting Revenge Over Effort to Oust Mike Johnson

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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) revealed on Tuesday that some Republicans are plotting retaliation against her for her efforts to unseat House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA). During an interview with right-wing podcaster Steve Bannon, Greene outlined her demands to Johnson and explained how she believes Republicans intend to seek revenge for her role in creating chaos in the U.S. House of Representatives.

“It’s far nastier,” she said of Republican attacks. “You wouldn’t believe what’s being talked about. ‘Oh, we’re going to get back at her. She’s going to lose committee assignments next Congress. She’ll get primaried. We’re going to come after her. This is going to be nasty.'”

Greene stated that she had made specific demands to Johnson to prevent her from filing a “motion to vacate,” a parliamentary procedure that could remove him from his leadership position. Her demands included stopping all federal prosecutions of former President Donald Trump and halting any further funding for Ukraine. Greene made it clear that she expected Johnson to comply if he wanted to keep his position as House Speaker, via Raw Story.

She also accused fellow Republicans of trying to undermine her relationship with Trump, asserting that they were attempting to “divide” her from the former president, who supports Johnson. “That’s the chitter-chatter going on in the inner circles that is trying to divide me away from President Trump,” she said. “But everybody right now is trying to pretend like there’s a problem between us.”

Despite rumors of tension between herself and Trump, Greene maintained that their relationship remains strong. “I’m going to tell you right now, there is not [a problem],” she added. “I’m just not someone that runs around and talks about my conversations with him.”

Greene’s motion to vacate is a significant threat because it would only take a single member of the House to initiate the procedure. This rule was one of the concessions Johnson had to make to secure the Speaker role. Greene’s demands of Johnson and her willingness to challenge his leadership underscore the fragile nature of the Republican majority in the House.

Her opposition to funding for Ukraine has been a consistent position, as she believes the U.S. should prioritize domestic issues over foreign conflicts. Greene has criticized the Biden administration’s support for Ukraine and insists that continued aid should not come at the expense of American interests. “We need to stop funding foreign wars and focus on the problems facing our own country,” she said.

Greene’s demand for halting all federal prosecutions of Trump aligns with her staunch defense of the former president. Trump faces multiple criminal charges at both state and federal levels, but Greene and other Trump loyalists argue that these prosecutions are politically motivated. “This is a witch hunt, plain and simple,” Greene said. “President Trump is being targeted for standing up for the American people.”

As Greene continues to make waves within her party, her tactics and demands have polarized Republicans. Some see her as a courageous voice for conservative values, while others view her as a disruptive force, undermining party unity. Despite the internal division, Greene remains unapologetic about her stance. “I’m fighting for the American people, not for the approval of politicians in Washington,” she said.

The tension surrounding Greene’s actions reveals the delicate balance Johnson must maintain to lead the House effectively. While he must consider the demands of members like Greene to preserve his speakership, he also faces pressure from other Republicans to maintain a stable and functioning majority. How Johnson handles these challenges will shape his leadership and the direction of the Republican Party in the coming months.

Greene’s relationship with Trump and her demands of Johnson continue to be a focal point of discussion within Republican circles. Her unwavering support for Trump and willingness to challenge her own party leadership signals a deepening divide that could have far-reaching implications for the future of the GOP.

In the meantime, Greene is standing firm in her demands and is prepared to use her influence to ensure her agenda is prioritized. Whether this will lead to a motion to vacate against Johnson or further internal strife remains to be seen, but her determination to pursue her goals remains unwavering.

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