At D.C. Roast, Manchin Jokes He Could Be Slightly Younger President America Needs

 At D.C. Roast, Manchin Jokes He Could Be Slightly Younger President America Needs


At the Gridiron Club’s winter dinner in Washington, Senator Joe Manchin’s engaging and playful demeanor was a highlight for the audience. Known for his moderate political stance, Manchin entertained the possibility of an independent presidential run, adding a touch of humor to the evening.

Manchin, with a playful glint in his eye, remarked on the ages of President Biden and Donald Trump, eliciting laughter from those present. What many may not have realized at the moment was that Manchin himself is close in age, at 76 years old.

“I truly believe the American people are ready to pass the torch to a new generation, somebody younger. I’d say maybe someone close to 76 that doesn’t look a day over 70,” he is quoted by ABC News on Sunday, December 10.

His announcement last month of not seeking reelection in 2024 has sparked speculation about his future political endeavors. Recalling his November interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” where he expressed openness to a presidential run, Manchin stirred intrigue among both Democratic and Republican circles.

Addressing concerns that his potential independent candidacy could divide the Democratic vote and possibly benefit Trump, Manchin responded with his characteristic humor. He joked about the varied predictions of how his running could impact the presidential race, seeking to understand how it would benefit him personally.

The Gridiron Club dinner, a long-standing tradition dating back to 1885, is known for its mix of satire and friendly banter. Manchin, continuing in this vein, humorously defended No Labels, an organization he has been closely associated with, against criticisms of being a disruptive force in Washington politics.

Beyond the humor, Manchin’s comments indicated a deeper reflection on his political future. His potential third-party run, backed by a No Labels platform, has garnered support, notably from backers of retiring Senator Mitt Romney, signaling a growing interest in a centrist alternative in American politics.

As the evening progressed, Representative Nancy Mace of South Carolina offered the Republican counterpoint, providing a diverse range of political perspectives.

The event, which aims to lightly roast without causing harm, left attendees pondering the possible political developments and surprises that Senator Manchin might introduce in the ever-evolving political landscape.

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