American Citizen Renames Himself ‘Literally Anybody Else’ and Announces Presidential Candidacy

 American Citizen Renames Himself ‘Literally Anybody Else’ and Announces Presidential Candidacy

Kevin Dietsch/UPI/Bloomberg via Getty Images

In a unique and attention-grabbing move, a Texas resident is making a statement against the conventional political landscape by legally changing his name and launching a presidential bid under the moniker “Literally Anybody Else.” Formerly known as Dustin Ebey, this teacher and Army veteran from North Richland Hills hopes his unconventional approach will resonate with voters who desire alternatives to former President Trump or President Biden for another White House term.

Speaking to ABC News affiliate WFAA, the newly-minted “Literally Anybody Else” emphasized that his decision is more about sending a message than personal ambition. He believes that out of a population of 300 million people, there must be better options for the presidency. Displaying his updated driver’s license, which now bears the name “Literally Anybody Else,” he showcased his commitment to this symbolic gesture. Federal Election Commission records confirm his candidacy under this name.

However, he remains realistic about the challenges ahead, acknowledging the daunting task of gathering enough signatures to appear on official ballots. Texas law mandates that independent candidates must secure 113,151 signatures from eligible voters who abstained from participating in either party’s presidential primary. Recognizing the difficulty of meeting this requirement, “Literally Anybody Else” is urging Texans to support his candidacy as a write-in option, which alleviates the need for signature collection.

His website says: ”Literally Anybody Else isn’t a person, it’s a rallying cry. For too long have Americans been victims of its political parties putting party loyalty over governance. Together let’s send the message to Washington and say, ‘You will represent or be replaced’. America should not be stuck choosing between the ”King of Debt” (his self-declaration) and an 81-year-old.”

Asserting that he is not delusional, he understands the uphill battle he faces. Yet, he sees his campaign as an opportunity to offer voters a different perspective and a chance to voice their dissatisfaction with the current political landscape. In recent polls, a significant portion of Americans expressed discontent with the prospect of a Trump-Biden rematch, indicating a desire for alternative options.

While unconventional, “Literally Anybody Else’s” candidacy underscores the growing disillusionment with traditional party politics and the hunger for fresh voices in national leadership. By challenging the status quo in such a creative manner, he hopes to spark conversations about the need for greater diversity and representation in American politics.

As the presidential race unfolds, the presence of candidates like “Literally Anybody Else” serves as a reminder of the power of individual agency and the importance of diverse perspectives in shaping the future of the nation. Whether or not his bid garners significant traction, his symbolic gesture highlights the ongoing quest for change and the resilience of democracy in accommodating diverse voices.

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