Maggie Haberman Raises Concerns Over Trump’s Overt Retribution Warnings

 Maggie Haberman Raises Concerns Over Trump’s Overt Retribution Warnings


In recent news that’s got the internet buzzing, former President Donald Trump seems to be backtracking on his earlier assertions of revenge against political rivals should he win the 2024 election. However, seasoned New York Times journalist Maggie Haberman urges the public to remain vigilant, as Trump’s threats might not be so empty.

While Trump’s promises were recently downplayed, Haberman’s recent appearance on CNN’s “Inside Politics” painted a rather ominous picture. She highlighted Trump’s past efforts to target his adversaries, and stated, “Despite what Trump said recently, we shouldn’t assume he’d halt such endeavors.”

Drawing attention to Trump’s transparency in his desire for ‘payback’, Haberman mentioned, “Both Trump and his inner circle have openly expressed their intention for revenge. In fact, he’s been discussing undermining the Justice Department’s autonomy and assigning a special prosecutor against the Bidens right from day one.”

According to a report by HuffPost on Monday, September 18, 2023, Haberman’s stern warning follows Trump’s statements at a Conservative Political Action Conference earlier this year, where he hinted at becoming the embodiment of “retribution” for his followers.

The former President’s recent conversation with NBC’s Kristen Welker further ruffled feathers. From avoiding answers about the January 6th Capitol riot to giving unclear views on abortion policies, and even blaming ex-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for the Capitol chaos, Trump’s remarks have deepened political rifts.

Notably, he boldly claimed ownership of the decision to challenge the 2020 election outcome, reigniting debate about his role in the Capitol insurrection and his presidency’s concluding days.

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