MAGA Is Feeling the Heat From Weaponized Biden Government

 MAGA Is Feeling the Heat From Weaponized Biden Government

AP Photo/Nathan Howard

Does the Biden administration’s federal government appear to be criminalizing support for Donald Trump, especially in agreement with his election fraud allegations, as we approach the 2024 election? This is becoming a concern as further indictments involving Trump and his supporters and advisors continue to emerge.

The pressure on the Make America Great Again (MAGA) movement, ranging from Jan. 6 prisoners to campaign advisors to Trump’s 2020 alternate electors, is escalating due to actions by the Biden administration. Such apparent partisan election interference could be a major cause for concern, regardless of your stance on Trump.

Trump disclosed that he had received a four-day notice from Justice Department special counsel Jack Smith, demanding his appearance before a grand jury concerning the Jan. 6, 2021 events. This seems to be part of a trend, following two previous indictments which some Republican experts have denounced as politically motivated. This comes in the wake of exclusive reports from PJ Media highlighting Smith’s past prosecutorial misconduct, a pattern allegedly resurfacing in Trump’s case.

As reported by Just the News on July 18, “Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel has charged 16 Republicans with felony election charges related to their claims to be the legitimate electors of Michigan during the 2020 presidential race.” Trump’s alternate 2020 electors, who were at the center of the election fraud controversy, are now potentially facing prison time. According to Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast, alternate electors from Arizona and Georgia in support of Trump could also face felony charges.

On the same day, The Post Millennial, referencing the New York Times, reported that the federal authorities had seized phones from two Trump advisors, Boris Epshteyn and Mike Roman. This again demonstrates actions by the Biden administration seemingly targeting Trump’s associates, particularly in relation to the election.

This is not an entirely new phenomenon. Many of the Jan. 6 detainees were peaceful and did not cause widespread, lasting damage. Despite this, these individuals have suffered from extended periods of harsh treatment, with some even pleading for transfer to Guantanamo Bay due to the severity of their conditions. Meanwhile, left-leaning individuals involved in recent state capitol disruptions or those affiliated with Antifa and BLM who participated in 2020’s city-wide disturbances have largely escaped punishment.

The reason the Jan. 6 detainees have been subjected to extensive media and government criticism for over two years now is their support for Trump. This is why they are incarcerated and denied rights and basic amenities, while members of Antifa walk freely. It appears to be a matter of politics.

According to Steve Friend, an FBI whistleblower, the DOJ and FBI have increasingly become politically weaponized under Biden, with the Department and Bureau frequently operating outside policy and legal boundaries. This is evident in the continuous scrutiny of Trump and his allies.

Regardless of personal feelings towards Trump, this situation is concerning. The federal government should not be launching aggressive campaigns against the current president’s primary political adversary. The Biden administration appears to be not only criminalizing support for Trump but also potentially influencing future presidential elections. These tactics, reminiscent of those used in unstable nations, are currently taking place in the United States.

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