Illinois woman charged with threatening to kill Trump, son Barron

 Illinois woman charged with threatening to kill Trump, son Barron


Recent updates have brought to light a concerning incident involving Barron Trump, the youngest child of former President Donald Trump. This unsettling situation revolves around alarming threats made against him by an individual from Illinois.

The alleged perpetrator, Tracy Fiorenza, is suspected of sending a series of menacing emails to the administration of Barron Trump’s school, Oxbridge Academy in Palm Beach, Florida.

These emails, exchanged between May and June, reportedly contained explicit threats, as reported by Insider. One of the messages, particularly disturbing, purportedly conveyed Fiorenza’s intention to harm both the former president and his son.

Threats against public figures have been increasingly prevalent, particularly during politically charged periods. To illustrate this, NPR noted that there were 74 federal arrests in the past year related to threats against public figures, marking a significant increase from the 38 arrests recorded in 2013.

Fiorenza’s alarming communications did not cease with her initial threats. On June 5, she reportedly sent another email to the school’s administration, restating her menacing intentions toward the Trump family. Prosecutors revealed an email in which Fiorenza allegedly wrote, “I am going to harm Barron Trump in self-defense, alongside his father!”

Subsequent investigations uncovered a Facebook page linked to Fiorenza, which reportedly contained posts endorsing conspiracy theories about Trump and other politicians. Notably, the page displayed a letter, supposedly from the Office of the Inspector General, denying her 2020 request to access Barron Trump’s academic records, according to Insider.

During an interview conducted on June 14 at the U.S. Secret Service’s Chicago branch, Fiorenza reportedly confessed to authoring the threatening emails. As of now, there is no indication of legal representation for Fiorenza in court records.

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