“Illegally!” Mike Lindell Claims After Wisconsin Recall Petition Fails

 “Illegally!” Mike Lindell Claims After Wisconsin Recall Petition Fails

SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell was visibly distraught on Thursday as his effort to recall a Wisconsin official failed. After news broke that the Wisconsin Elections Commission denied a recall petition for Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R), Lindell appeared on Steve Bannon’s podcast at his scheduled time.

Lindell had previously promised the audience that he had enough signatures to ensure a recall. Vos became a target of MAGA loyalists after he refused to decertify President Joe Biden’s win in 2020. “Mike, what in the hell’s happening in Wisconsin?” Bannon asked.

“Steve, they can’t do it,” Lindell admitted. “Their own lawyer said two days ago, yep, it’s good to go, recall August 6th, that Wisconsin Election Commission is denying it.” “I’ve been after the WEC for three and a half years now because they [have] suppressed everything in Wisconsin like they did Colorado,” he continued.

Lindell warned that failing to recall Vos would result in former President Donald Trump losing Wisconsin in 2024. “So what are we going to… how did they… how did they deny it?” Bannon demanded. “Illegally!” Lindell exclaimed. “According to our lawyers, it’s absolutely, they can’t deny it.”

Bannon pressed Lindell to take action immediately by “going to court this afternoon.” “No, no, we’re not going to, I’m going to be calling the lawyers,” Lindell promised. “We’re not, we will never give up to get rid of Robin Vos and the WEC.”

The failed recall effort underscores the ongoing tension within the Republican Party, particularly between Trump loyalists and those seen as insufficiently supportive of his claims regarding the 2020 election. Lindell’s reaction highlights the frustration and determination among Trump’s base to challenge and overturn decisions they perceive as unfair or illegal.

Lindell’s promise to continue fighting against Vos and the Wisconsin Elections Commission reflects the broader strategy of challenging election outcomes and processes, a tactic that has become a hallmark of the post-2020 election landscape among Trump supporters. As the 2024 election approaches, these internal GOP battles and the efforts to influence electoral processes will likely intensify, setting the stage for another contentious political season.

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