Liberals Urge Biden to Leverage New ‘Official Acts’ Immunity Ruling

 Liberals Urge Biden to Leverage New ‘Official Acts’ Immunity Ruling


The U.S. Supreme Court’s recent ruling that former President Donald Trump has limited immunity in his election interference case has sparked calls from liberals for President Joe Biden to exploit the now-protected “official acts” powers. “Seriously, Pres. Biden needs to take this little ‘immunity for official acts’ protection out for a little spin,” said writer Charlotte Clymer.

Podcaster BrooklynDad expressed his frustration on social media platform X, stating, “It’s OFFICIAL: The Supreme Court has just disgraced itself by ruling that Presidents do have SOME immunity from prosecution for committing what they deem official acts. President Biden’s FIRST act under this new reality should be to postpone the election indefinitely until we can figure WTF is going on.”

National security expert Marcy Wheeler weighed in on the ongoing battle between the Justice Department and House Judiciary and Oversight committees over recordings of Biden’s interview with special counsel Robert Hur, suggesting, “Biden should just order them destroyed.”

Gun safety activist Fred Guttenberg wrote on X, “Now that Biden has unlimited immunity, he should declare the gun industry as terrorist organizations and as a domestic threat.”

Columnist Aisha Sultan echoed these sentiments, writing, “If Joe Biden doesn’t use this SCOTUS ruling on presidential immunity on ‘official’ acts to take some drastic action, then he and his entire administration and campaign are addled in truly epic ways.”

Trump University prosecutor Tristan Snell offered a more aggressive approach, suggesting that Biden’s first act with his presidential immunity should be to “March the FBI into Mar-a-Lago, Bedminster, and Trump Tower right now, finding every single last government document, every computer, every second of security camera footage, everything — in the name of national security.”

Snell also proposed that Biden “create four new seats on the Supreme Court, by executive order. He can add a binding ethics code as well. And a special counsel to investigate corruption on SCOTUS while he’s at it.” Monica Lewinsky highlighted an “interesting idea” from Jeri Dube, who suggested that “Biden should delay the election until all Trump’s indictments are adjudicated.”

National security lawyer Bradley Moss suggested a more cautious approach, recommending that Biden issue an executive order stating, “his Administration does not believe it can rely upon the scope of immunity conferred on it by SCOTUS and accordingly will not take that into account when making decisions.”

Moss further advised, “Dems in Congress should immediately propose a constitutional amendment to overturn the ruling and clarify the presidential immunity issue. It’s a messaging campaign. Abortion, democracy, and a stable economy. That’s your campaign for the next four months.” These reactions reflect a broader liberal frustration with the Supreme Court’s decision, with many urging Biden to use his newfound “official acts” immunity to take bold and decisive actions.

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