Letitia James Prepares to Seize Trump Properties in Westchester Amid Civil Fraud Case Deadline

 Letitia James Prepares to Seize Trump Properties in Westchester Amid Civil Fraud Case Deadline

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Letitia James, the Attorney General of New York, is actively gearing up to potentially take control of properties owned by former President Donald Trump located in Westchester County, New York. This move comes as the deadline rapidly approaches for Trump to furnish a bond related to a civil fraud judgment.

With the clock ticking towards Monday, the situation intensifies as Trump’s assets in the affluent region hang in the balance. Bloomberg News has shed light on this development, revealing that the state of New York has successfully secured a civil fraud judgment amounting to $454 million against Donald Trump.

The report states, that while the filing didn’t specify a reason for the registration, it is the first step to allow James to secure property liens — and there are two valuable Trump properties in the affluent Westchester County: Trump National Golf Club Westchester, and his Seven Springs estate, a 212-acre resort complex that is partially undeveloped.

This significant legal milestone was officially recorded in Westchester County, which lies just outside the bustling hub of Manhattan. This formal registration is a critical step that paves the way for James to potentially initiate property liens against Trump’s holdings in the area, marking a significant escalation in the legal battle.

Westchester County is home to two notable Trump properties that could be impacted by these legal proceedings. The Trump National Golf Club Westchester offers an exclusive golfing experience, while the Seven Springs estate is a sprawling 212-acre resort complex that boasts both developed and undeveloped areas. These valuable assets are now at risk of seizure should Trump fail to secure the necessary appeal bond in time.

The judgment against Trump was the culmination of an extensive trial. Throughout the proceedings, James presented compelling evidence that Trump, along with his two adult sons and former chief accountant Allen Weisselberg, engaged in deceptive practices concerning property valuations.

“James has said she’s prepared to start seizing Trump assets if he misses a March 25 deadline to post a bond for 120% of the judgment to put it on hold while he appeals,” noted the report. “She hasn’t started that process, and the registration in Westchester County doesn’t automatically mean she will attempt to seize the properties.

By inflating the worth of their properties, they were able to obtain favorable tax benefits and loan conditions, consequently defrauding banks and government entities out of substantial sums in revenue and interest. In a separate legal matter, Trump managed to post a bond for a $83.3 million defamation judgment won by writer E. Jean Carroll.

However, his legal team has encountered significant challenges in securing financial backing for the staggering half-billion-dollar amount owed in the civil fraud case. This financial predicament adds another layer of complexity to Trump’s ongoing legal struggles, highlighting the substantial financial and reputational stakes involved in this high-profile legal saga. As the deadline looms, the potential seizure of Trump’s prized assets in Westchester County underscores the severe consequences that could arise from this legal entanglement.

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