“She’s a piece of s**t.” Letitia James Faces Backlash at FDNY Ceremony Amid Legal Battle with Trump

 “She’s a piece of s**t.” Letitia James Faces Backlash at FDNY Ceremony Amid Legal Battle with Trump

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At a Fire Department of New York (FDNY) promotion ceremony held on Thursday, March 7, New York Attorney General Letitia James faced a challenging reception from the audience as she took the stage. The event, which took place at the Christian Cultural Center in Brooklyn, saw a crowd comprising families of newly promoted captains, battalion chiefs, civilians, and firefighters express their discontent with audible jeers and chants in favor of former President Donald Trump, according to the New York Post.

As James approached the podium, the discontent among attendees escalated into vocal support for Trump, overshadowing the ceremony’s focus. Despite the uproar, James attempted to pacify the audience, reminding them of the solemnity of the venue and expressing gratitude for their expressive outburst.

The ceremony was meant to honor the valor of FDNY members, with 65 uniformed personnel from various departments being recognized for their promotions. Rev Pamela Holmes was also sworn in as the FDNY’s chaplain during the event. Typically, such ceremonies have seen the New York City mayor address the attendees, making James’s presence as a speaker somewhat unusual.

The hostile response from the crowd can be traced back to James’s recent legal victory against Trump, securing a $454 million civil fraud judgment. This judgment, which has significant financial implications for Trump, has been a point of contention, with Trump himself decrying it as a politically motivated attack.

The backlash against James at the ceremony was reflective of the sentiments of some New Yorkers towards her legal actions against Trump. One firefighter, who preferred to remain anonymous, criticized James for her overt satisfaction with the judgment against Trump, suggesting that her actions were not well-received by the hard-working members of the FDNY who risk their lives daily.

The situation was further complicated by comments from FDNY Chief of Department John Hodgens, who labeled the incident as an embarrassment and not reflective of the FDNY’s esteemed reputation. Conversely, Trump campaign spokesman Steven Cheung lauded the firefighters’ support for Trump, framing James as a disgrace to New Yorkers.

The legal battle between James and Trump continues to stir emotions and debate, especially as Trump appeals the $454 million judgment. Amidst this legal wrangling, James has hinted at the possibility of seizing Trump’s assets if the judgment is not upheld, further intensifying the public discourse surrounding the case.

The incident at the FDNY promotion ceremony highlights the deeply polarized reactions to the legal entanglements of political figures, underscoring the complex interplay between public service, legal accountability, and political allegiance within the community.

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