‘Uncle is Losing’: Law Professor Tells Mary Trump He Faces Legal Losses

 ‘Uncle is Losing’: Law Professor Tells Mary Trump He Faces Legal Losses


In a recent interview, law professor Jen Taub spoke with Mary Trump, the niece of former President Donald Trump, about the multiple legal setbacks her uncle is facing. “Any day Donald Trump is losing is a good day, and today was just that,” Taub remarked. She apologized to Mary, acknowledging her familial ties to Donald Trump, while discussing his legal troubles.

Mary Trump, known for her critical stance towards her uncle, inquired about Donald Trump’s particularly bad day in court, involving three distinct legal cases. Taub began by discussing the defamation and sexual assault allegations case against him. She highlighted the judge’s decision to admit the infamous Access Hollywood video as evidence, a move Donald Trump had hoped to avoid due to its potential impact on the case, particularly regarding punitive damages.

Taub also brought up an unusual situation in the Mar-a-Lago case, where Trump reportedly failed to submit necessary documents, a scenario Taub found unheard of. Additionally, during an immunity appeal hearing, Trump’s lawyers controversially suggested that ex-presidents could be immune from prosecution even for extreme actions like ordering a hit against a political opponent. Taub expressed concern over these arguments, doubting the judges would accept them and suggesting that making such arguments could be seen as problematic in itself.

The discussion between Taub and Mary Trump shed light on the increasing legal pressures Donald Trump is facing, underscoring a series of significant challenges in the courtroom.

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