“Talk about cognitive dissonance, I mean dissidents,” Lauren Boebert Ridiculed for Slip-Up During Trump Support Speech

 “Talk about cognitive dissonance, I mean dissidents,” Lauren Boebert Ridiculed for Slip-Up During Trump Support Speech

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On Thursday, Colorado Republican Lauren Boebert faced widespread ridicule on social media after she mistakenly claimed that Donald Trump had undergone “testing for his cognitive dissonance.” Boebert made the slip-up while speaking in support of the former president at a criminal court in New York.

During her appearance, Boebert asserted, “President Trump, when he was in office, underwent testing for his cognitive dissonance, for his ability to function as president of the United States.” The lawmaker then attempted to comment on Joe Biden’s use of a teleprompter but stumbled over the word, making her statement even more memorable for its errors, told Raw Story.

Former prosecutor Ron Filipkowski responded humorously to Boebert’s remarks, tweeting, “I did not know that recalling Person, Woman, Man, TV, Camera, was all you had to do to pass a cognitive dissidents exam. Learn something new from Boebert every week.” This was a reference to the cognitive test Trump had taken while in office, which involved remembering a sequence of words.

The official Biden-Harris HQ account also seized the opportunity to mock Boebert. They quoted her statement and added, “Trump underwent testing for his cognitive dissonance. I haven’t seen Joe Biden read a telecom properly (?)”

It didn’t take long for the clip to go viral on X, formerly known as Twitter, prompting PatriotTakes to call it, “The Boecabulary.” Lakota Man wrote, “So, today Lauren Boebert said, ‘They tested Trump’s cognitive dissonance.’ Lauren Boebert is the dumbest b—- in American history. Who here agrees?”

Democrat Harry Sisson said that “Republicans are not sending their brightest to Congress.” “Lauren Boebert just said that ‘Trump underwent testing for his cognitive dissonance’ while in office. Colorado, vote this lunatic out of office,” he wrote.

@politicalplayer wrote that “Boebert’s teenage son, Tyler Boebert, was in court 7 days ago, without his mother and without a lawyer, but here she is in New York, in court, for Donald Trump.” “Talk about cognitive dissonance, I mean dissidents,” the account added. @prolibshow said, “Lauren Boebert is the physical manifestation of cognitive dissonance.”

Boebert’s comments came on the same day she attended a criminal court hearing in New York to show support for Trump. The former president is facing multiple charges related to the falsification of business records in connection with a hush-money payment scandal. Her attempt to highlight Trump’s mental acuity backfired, drawing attention instead to her own missteps.

This incident is part of a broader pattern where Boebert’s public statements frequently become fodder for social media satire. Her slip of the tongue, especially in a high-stakes political context, highlights the intense scrutiny and quick responses that characterize today’s political discourse. Boebert’s effort to defend Trump inadvertently underscored the importance of clear and precise communication, particularly when discussing significant and sensitive topics such as a former president’s cognitive abilities.

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