Lauren Boebert Is In Some Serious Trouble

 Lauren Boebert Is In Some Serious Trouble


The controversial Colorado Congresswoman, Lauren Boebert, is running for re-election. And while her district leads strongly Republican, the Cook Political Report has switched its rating on the race to call it a toss-up.

Lauren Boebert Has a Problem

In 2022, Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) was re-elected, over Democrat Adam Frisch, in what was the closest Congressional race in the country. Frisch actually led on election night, but Boebert emerged as the winner a few days later. 

Now, Frisch is running against Boebert again and has significantly out-raised Boebert so far, from contributors very much wanting to see Boebert defeated. And now, a respected organization that measures Congressional races has changed its rating on the race. 

The Cook Political Report announced Thursday that it has switched the Colorado Third Congressional District race from “Lean Republican” to “Toss Up.” 

The switch was made following the release of the second quarter financial numbers, in which the Democrat raised  $2.6 million and Boebert brought in $818,000.

“Not only has Boebert avoided taking any steps to moderate her image since coming within 546 votes of losing to former Aspen Councilman Adam Frisch in 2022, Frisch outraised her by a massive $2.6 million to $810,000 in the second quarter thanks to an avalanche of small-dollar donations,” Cook Political Report’s David Wasserman wrote in the analysis, as cited by The Hill. 

Wasserman went on to predict that the GOP will likely get more involved in the race, specifically by going negative on Frisch. 

The party, per the analyst, is “likely to invest heavily to redefine the self-styled moderate as a limousine liberal out of step with the Western Slope.” He added that many voters who sat out the midterms in 2022 might end up voting in 2024, a voting pattern that might be helpful to Boebert. 

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