“Disgusting? Of Course” Columnist Criticizes Rep. Lauren Boebert’s Appearance at Trump’s Hush Money Trial

 “Disgusting? Of Course” Columnist Criticizes Rep. Lauren Boebert’s Appearance at Trump’s Hush Money Trial

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Rep. Lauren Boebert’s appearance at Donald Trump’s hush money trial in Manhattan last week has drawn sharp criticism from Colorado columnist Mike Litwin, who accused the embattled Republican lawmaker of prioritizing her support for the former president over her responsibilities in Congress and her family obligations.

In his column for the Colorado Sun, Litwin did not hold back in his critique of Boebert, pointing out the stark contrast between her public persona and her actions. Boebert, known for her vocal advocacy of family values, chose to stand by Trump—who is embroiled in a scandal involving an affair with an adult film star—rather than attend a recent court hearing for her son Tyler, who faces criminal charges back in Colorado.

Litwin opened his column by describing Boebert as a “carpetbagging canoodler” and suggested that she might be attempting to switch congressional districts from the GOP-leaning 3rd to the GOP-dominant 4th in a bid to secure her position. He argued that despite any potential change in the district, Boebert remains consistent in her controversial behavior.

“You may remember how Boebert has pleaded for privacy for her family amid their many travails. You may remember, too, how that hasn’t stopped her from tweeting about the so-called ‘Biden Crime Family’ even as her son Tyler was being arrested in Rifle,” he wrote before adding, “Is it fair to go after Boebert for her parenting efforts? Normally, I would say no. But we know what Boebert would do if it were, say, a judge’s daughter who had been arrested. We know what she says about a daughter who hasn’t done a single thing wrong.”

The columnist labeled Boebert’s appearance alongside GOP lawmakers like Rep. Matt Gaetz outside the Manhattan courtroom as “performance art.” He claimed that her decision to leave Washington, D.C., to grandstand before reporters was a strategic move to gain a “front-row seat” at the trial and an opportunity to bask in the media spotlight.

During her time in the public eye, Boebert used the opportunity to attack Judge Juan Merchan’s daughter, an action Litwin described as “disgusting” and “sycophantic.” He further criticized her for being hypocritical, noting that her actions starkly contrast with the family values she often promotes.

Litwin’s column highlights the growing frustration among some constituents and commentators regarding Boebert’s conduct. He portrayed her support for Trump amidst his legal troubles as a betrayal of her duties as a representative and a mother. Boebert’s choice to align herself so closely with Trump, especially during such a contentious trial, has raised questions about her priorities and political strategy.

The trial, which revolves around allegations of falsifying business records to cover up hush money payments made ahead of the 2016 presidential election, has attracted significant attention. Boebert’s decision to involve herself so visibly in the proceedings underscores her unwavering support for Trump, despite the personal and political risks.

As the trial continues, the scrutiny on Boebert’s actions and choices is likely to intensify. Litwin’s scathing assessment serves as a reminder of the polarized reactions to Boebert’s political style and the broader implications for her career. Whether her staunch support for Trump will bolster her standing with her base or further alienate her critics remains to be seen.

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