Rep. Lauren Boebert Advocates for Morals in Schools Amid Controversy

 Rep. Lauren Boebert Advocates for Morals in Schools Amid Controversy

(Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call file photo)

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) spoke with ex-Trump adviser Steve Bannon on his War Room podcast Thursday, emphasizing the need for morals in schools. Their discussion centered around Louisiana’s new mandate requiring public school classrooms to display the Ten Commandments, a law signed by Republican Gov. Jeff Landry on Wednesday. Boebert praised her “great friend” Landry and expressed full support for the legislation.

“This is something we need all throughout our nation … because we need morals back in our nation, back in our schools,” Boebert said in a clip surfaced by MeidasTouch Network. “If there’s anything we are going to present in front of our children, it’s going to be, it should be, the word of God. Because this is the one truth that is never going to change and never going to leave them. It’s not some woke fad of the day that you can get canceled for believing in 10 years from now.”

Her comments quickly sparked backlash on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter. Critics pointed out the irony, given Boebert’s own controversial behavior. She was infamously ejected from a staging of Beetlejuice for vaping, talking, and groping her date during the performance. Initially, she and her campaign denied her disruptive behavior, but video evidence later surfaced, prompting an apology from Boebert.

Adding to the controversy, Bannon himself is scheduled to head to prison soon for defying a Jan. 6-related subpoena and faces a separate trial for allegedly defrauding contributors to a fund aimed at building a southern border wall.

Users on X did not hold back, calling Boebert a “hypocrite” and highlighting the “irony” of her moral advocacy. “We HAVE to get a firm grip on this problem,” quipped Keith Olbermann of Countdown.

Other responses also riffed on her night at the theater, underscoring the perceived hypocrisy of her moralistic stance. The heated reactions underline the ongoing scrutiny and debate surrounding public figures and their adherence to the standards they promote.

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