Democrats Call for Investigation into Kushner’s $2 Billion Saudi Transaction Post-Trump Era

 Democrats Call for Investigation into Kushner’s $2 Billion Saudi Transaction Post-Trump Era

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As the 2024 elections approach, the political landscape in the United States is becoming increasingly fraught with legal skirmishes between the two dominant parties. In what appears to be a strategic move to undermine their opponents, both parties have engaged in legal challenges against prominent figures associated with their rivals.

The Republican Party has previously put forward demands for the impeachment of President Joe Biden, focusing particularly on financial dealings involving his son, Hunter Biden, and alleged foreign funds. This move was seen as an attempt to discredit the Biden administration and weaken its standing with the electorate.

In what seems to be a retaliatory gesture, the Democrats have turned their attention to Jared Kushner, the son-in-law of former President Donald Trump. Jamie Raskin, a prominent Democrat, issued a stark warning through a formal communication, suggesting that should the Democrats secure re-election for a second term, they would scrutinize Kushner’s business engagements, per Daily Mail

This includes a particularly contentious $2 billion deal between Kushner’s equity firm and Saudi Arabia, which was finalized shortly after the Republicans relinquished control of the White House. This proposed investigation stems from concerns about Kushner’s activities following his tenure in the Trump administration. Just six months after departing the White House, Kushner’s newly established private equity firm, Affinity Partners, received a substantial $2 billion investment from a Saudi-led fund.

This fund is notably associated with the Saudi crown prince, who maintained a close relationship with the Trump administration. Critics of the deal have raised several red flags, including the perceived inexperience of Affinity Fund’s management team, the substantial risk and responsibility assumed by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in this investment, the proposed management fees deemed excessive by some, and the potential reputational risks given Kushner’s previous role as a senior adviser to President Trump, per The New York Times. 

Moreover, Kushner’s business ventures extended beyond Saudi Arabia, with notable agreements in Albania and Serbia. Throughout his time in the Trump administration, Kushner leveraged the relationships he had cultivated, often accompanied by Ric Grenell, a key figure who served in various capacities including acting director of national intelligence and special envoy to the Balkans.

Democrats have voiced concerns that Kushner and Grenell exploited their connections, particularly with Edi Rama, the Prime Minister of Albania, alleging that unconstitutional payments were made to then-President Trump during his tenure. In defense of his business dealings, Kushner has been forthright, particularly regarding his interactions with the Saudi crown prince, who has been implicated in the controversial killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in 2018.

Kushner, who played a significant role in Middle East peace initiatives and fostered ties with Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, has defended his actions as lawful and in America’s best interests. Speaking at a summit, Kushner highlighted his commitment to the nation’s interest and praised the Saudi leader for his visionary leadership and transformative impact on the region.

This ongoing legal and political confrontation between the two parties underscores the intense rivalry and strategic maneuvers that characterize the current political climate in the United States, with both sides seeking to gain an upper hand as the 2024 elections draw near.

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