Governor Kristi Noem Faces Backlash for Controversial Puppy Story in New Book

 Governor Kristi Noem Faces Backlash for Controversial Puppy Story in New Book

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In a recent revelation, it has emerged that Governor Kristi Noem (R-SD) had long intended to share a controversial anecdote in her literary works, an intention that her publishing team initially thwarted. This story, which finally found its place in her latest book, has sparked considerable discussion regarding its taste and impact on her public image.

Governor Noem’s initial attempt to include this narrative occurred during the drafting of her first book. According to a report by Politico, the draft included a story that Noem believed demonstrated her decisiveness and willingness to eschew conventional niceties.

This time around, Noem has a different team in place, as well as a different imprint, Hachette’s conservative-leaning Center Street. And the folks behind her new book, No Going Back, didn’t get in the way of sharing memories about gunning down an ill-trained puppy.

However, her team, which consisted of agents, editors, and publicists from the Hachette Book Group’s prestigious Twelve imprint, as well as a ghostwriter, advised against its inclusion. They perceived it as an anecdote in poor taste that could potentially damage her brand. After considerable deliberation, the decision was made to omit the story from that publication, based on the feedback from two individuals involved in the project.

Despite the initial setbacks, Governor Noem revisited the story in her newest book, detailing it in the manner she had always intended. She describes her experiences with her 14-month-old German wirehair pointer puppy named Cricket, whom she characterized as “untrainable.” According to Noem, the dog failed to follow commands during hunts and even attacked a neighbor’s chickens.

The story caused widespread outrage even among many Republicans and Trump supporters. One source reported that even President Donald Trump himself, who has a reputation for not liking dogs, was “disgusted” by Noem’s actions — but this appears to be contradicted by newly released Mar-a-Lago audio of Trump continuing to praise her after the news came out.

“The ongoing Noem spectacle is, to put it mildly, not the kind of roll-out that typically accompanies a look-at-me book by a national-politics wannabe,” the report continued. “But it is an interesting window into the Washington industry of pre-campaign memoirs — where the goal of defining a brand is often at odds with the goal of producing interesting copy, and where nobody puts a great deal of emphasis on quality control or literary drama.”

Frustrated with the dog’s behavior, Noem took a drastic step. She drove the puppy to a gravel pit and shot it, an act she performed in front of a group of stunned construction workers. Further illustrating her decisive nature, she recounted a subsequent occasion when she brought a goat from her farm to the same location and shot it as well.

The inclusion of such a graphic and personal story in Governor Noem’s latest book has undoubtedly stirred controversy. It raises questions about the boundaries of personal anecdotes in political memoirs and the effects such stories can have on a political figure’s public persona. While Noem views the story as a reflection of her decisive character, critics and readers might see it as a disturbing revelation that could affect their perception of her leadership and personal ethics.

This episode highlights the delicate balance public figures must maintain in their personal disclosures. Stories intended to showcase certain traits or decisions can sometimes lead to unforeseen consequences, affecting public perception in ways not originally intended. As Governor Noem continues her career, the reactions to this story may well shape the narrative surrounding her leadership style and decision-making processes.

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