John Kerry Switches From Climate Crusader to Biden Campaign Trail in Surprise Move

 John Kerry Switches From Climate Crusader to Biden Campaign Trail in Surprise Move

Photo Credit: Win McNamee

John Kerry, the U.S. climate envoy and a central figure in President Biden’s climate change strategy, is reportedly stepping down to contribute to Biden’s reelection campaign. This news, revealed by various media outlets on Saturday, comes after Kerry’s three-year tenure focusing on global climate initiatives, including his significant role at the recent COP28 UN climate summit in Dubai.

At 80, Kerry is shifting his focus to bolster President Biden’s reelection efforts, particularly highlighting Biden’s achievements in addressing global warming. This decision was reportedly communicated to President Biden last Wednesday, and Kerry’s team was informed on Saturday.

Kerry’s diplomatic efforts as the U.S. envoy have been notable, especially his work with China amidst complex diplomatic ties. The collaboration between the U.S. and China, the two largest polluters globally, was pivotal at COP28, leading to a significant, though diluted, agreement to start moving away from fossil fuels.

A notable moment in Kerry’s tenure was his meeting with China’s Xie Zhenhua in California, a month before COP28, where they laid the groundwork for the eventual agreement in Dubai. This development closely follows the retirement of Xie on health grounds.

Kerry’s departure marks a significant transition, considering his influential role in climate diplomacy and the Biden administration’s recommitment to the Paris climate agreement upon taking office. The urgency of climate action is underscored by 2023 being the hottest year on record, dangerously close to breaching the 1.5C threshold set by the Paris agreement.

Kerry, a former Democratic presidential nominee, is expected to leave his position in the coming months, as initially reported by Axios. The White House and Kerry’s office have yet to comment on these reports.

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