“There’s Been a Trend” Karl Rove Highlights Shift in Voter Sentiment Towards Biden After Trump’s Conviction

 “There’s Been a Trend” Karl Rove Highlights Shift in Voter Sentiment Towards Biden After Trump’s Conviction

Photo-Illustration: Daily Intelligencer; Photos: Getty Images

Veteran Republican strategist Karl Rove shared insights on the shifting political landscape following Donald Trump’s conviction in the New York hush-money case. Speaking on Fox News’s “The Journal Editorial Report,” Rove pointed to recent polling data indicating a gradual decline in Trump’s popularity and a corresponding rise for Joe Biden.

During the interview with host Paul Gigot, Rove presented a visual analysis of the polls since June 1st. “Here it is, These are the polls since June 1st. If they’re in red, Donald Trump won ‘em, if they’re in blue, Joe Biden is leading, and if they’re in green, it’s a tie. And take a look, from the 1st of the month, where it’s Trump up by 1, Trump up by 2, Trump up by 1, Biden up by 1, a tie, Trump up by 2, Biden up by 2, tie, Biden up by 2,” Rove explained. This breakdown shows a noticeable movement towards Biden since the May 30th guilty verdict, reflecting a potential shift in voter preference, per HuffPost.

Rove further elaborated on the implications of this trend, particularly among independent voters, who could play a crucial role in deciding the election. “The movement is among independents,” he said, noting a significant 9-point swing towards Biden in this crucial demographic. This sentiment was echoed by recent polling trends on RealClearPolitics and other poll aggregators, which have shown Biden gaining momentum.

The conviction of Trump last month—where he was found guilty of fabricating financial records to conceal an alleged affair during his 2016 campaign—has notably impacted his campaign, making him the first former president of the United States to be declared a criminal. This development has closely coincided with a tightening race, as evidenced by the latest nationwide survey conducted by The Hill/Decision Desk HQ, which shows Trump leading Biden by a mere 0.6 percentage points.

Trump’s reaction to these shifts has been one of frustration, particularly towards Rove and Fox News’s polling. He has expressed his discontent on social media, urging for changes in the staffing of these organizations, per Mediaite.

As both candidates prepare for what Rove predicted as “the most important presidential debate, if it happens, since at least the 1980 presidential debate,” the political landscape continues to evolve. This debate, set against the backdrop of recent legal and electoral developments, promises to be a pivotal moment in an increasingly contested race.

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