Kari Lake’s ‘Glazed Donut’ Filter Overshadows Legal Prognostications for Obama and Biden

 Kari Lake’s ‘Glazed Donut’ Filter Overshadows Legal Prognostications for Obama and Biden

Credit: LM Otero / AP file

Kari Lake’s predictions of future legal troubles for former President Barack Obama and President Joe Biden were overshadowed by reactions to her choice of a vanity video filter. “I see this whack job is back to using the shimmering golden C-3PO filter,” reads a post by Republican strategist Jeff Timmer. Another user, @PartyUpNorth, referred to it as the “glazed donut” filter.

Lake’s split-screen appearance on Newsmax showed her with a metallic sheen more suitable for a high-fashion perfume ad. The far-right, Trump-endorsed TV news anchor turned politician is currently vying for the Republican Senate primary in Arizona after a failed gubernatorial bid in 2022. During her appearance, she attempted to predict legal troubles for both Obama and Biden.

“It is unreal,” Lake said. “The hypocrisy of it all. Then you think about what they did before President Trump ever got inaugurated, how they spied on his campaign. Think of Russiagate — I mean, the things they actually have done are just unbelievable.”

Lake appeared to denigrate the basis for former President Donald Trump’s multiple criminal indictments. She referred to the ongoing legal actions against Trump as a “witch hunt” and expressed confidence that the efforts to prosecute him would fail.

The cases against Trump include state and federal charges related to inciting his supporters to storm the Capitol on January 6, 2021, to prevent the certification of Joe Biden’s election victory. He also faces accusations of hoarding confidential documents taken from the White House and obstructing their return to federal authorities.

“I think President Trump will be exonerated at the end of the day,” Lake stated. “And I think more bad news will come out about Obama, as well as Joe Biden. The question is, will we ever see justice?”

However, many viewers were more focused on the peculiar filter Lake used during her commentary. “Does every camera in her presence come pre-slathered in Vaseline?” asked @plantagenet_ja. Another user, @actingliketommy, criticized Lake’s “soft fuzzy filter of ‘god’.”

@SaintLaurant added, “Her apparition filter is working overtime.” Meanwhile, @kingofkings0247 questioned the need to blur an honest look: “Her filters give me a headache.”

Lake’s appearance, intended to spotlight her views on the legal issues facing Trump, Obama, and Biden, was instead eclipsed by the distraction of her unusual video filter, which left many questioning its necessity and effectiveness.

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