Lincoln Project Rebuts Conservative Pundit’s Criticism of Kamala Harris with Trump Swear Word Montage

 Lincoln Project Rebuts Conservative Pundit’s Criticism of Kamala Harris with Trump Swear Word Montage

Mandel Ngan / AFP – Getty Images file

The Lincoln Project, a Republican group opposed to Donald Trump, issued a scathing rebuttal on Tuesday to a conservative pundit’s recent attempt to shame Vice President Kamala Harris. Their response was a video montage featuring the former president using unprintable swear words.

This video served as a rebuke to Fox News’ Raymond Arroyo, who had claimed that Harris had degraded her office by using the “f-bomb” during a speech to Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander organizations on Monday.

Arroyo’s comment is featured at the beginning of the Lincoln Project’s 39-second video, which opens with a warning: “This clip is NSFW [Not Safe For Work], thanks to Donald Trump.” For the next 30 seconds, the video shows Trump repeatedly using curse words and even raising his middle finger, directly contradicting Arroyo’s admonition about decorum and professionalism, told the Guardian.

The video quickly garnered significant attention, highlighting what the Lincoln Project views as a double standard in the criticism aimed at Harris. It underscores the frequent use of vulgar language by Trump during his time in office, suggesting that Arroyo’s critique of Harris is hypocritical.

Ron Manuel, commenting on the video, pointed out Trump’s lack of maturity and professionalism, questioning why some still view him as a suitable leader. His sentiment reflects a broader frustration among those who see a disparity in the way political figures are judged.

Within an hour of its release, the video had been viewed nearly 50,000 times, indicating a strong public interest and resonance with the Lincoln Project’s message. The group’s strategic use of Trump’s own words serves to highlight the perceived inconsistency in the standards applied to different political figures, fueling ongoing debates about decorum and leadership in American politics.

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