VP Kamala Harris talks with Florida teachers ‘who simply want to teach the truth’

 VP Kamala Harris talks with Florida teachers ‘who simply want to teach the truth’

Mandel Ngan / AFP – Getty Images file

Vice President Kamala Harris recently visited Florida to counter Gov. Ron DeSantis’s position on a contentious issue, causing many to question the reasoning behind this move. Harris criticized DeSantis for allegedly suggesting that slaves derived benefits from their forced servitude, which DeSantis himself didn’t claim. Among those who contributed to the curriculum in question was a descendant of slaves who noted that some enslaved individuals gained trade skills they could utilize post-emancipation.

Despite the fact that this editor has family members in the teaching profession, it appears that teachers often express extreme sensitivity. Many Florida teachers are reportedly anxious about potential legal repercussions for addressing certain topics inappropriately. It’s worth noting that avoiding discussions on gender identity and sexual orientation in kindergarten could likely ensure their safety.

The concern now is that a generation of students may grow up with an overly simplified perception of slavery. However, those voicing this concern should question whether they have thoroughly examined the curriculum, which includes nearly 200 references to subjects like slavery, abolition, and Jim Crow laws. Harris is perceived as problematic due to accusations of misrepresentation and lack of wisdom.

Despite her previously criticized handling of border issues, Harris now seems to be setting her sights on those advocating for the removal of certain books. It raises the question of why the vice president supports the inclusion of sexually explicit books in middle school libraries.

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