Trump Declares “He Just Quit,” Anticipates Kamala Harris in 2024 Race

 Trump Declares “He Just Quit,” Anticipates Kamala Harris in 2024 Race

Brendan McDermid | Reuters

New video footage obtained by The Daily Beast shows former President Donald Trump at a golf outing, boasting that he forced President Joe Biden out of the race and speculating that he’ll have to run against Vice President Kamala Harris.

“He just quit, you know — he’s quitting the race,” Trump can be heard saying in the video. “I got him out of the — and that means we have Kamala.” He went on to call Biden a “broken-down pile of crap” and said of Harris, “I think she’s gonna be better” as an opponent, but even so “she’s so bad. She’s so pathetic.”

Biden, whose faltering debate performance against Trump last week triggered a firestorm of scrutiny from both the media and Democratic surrogates, has not signaled any intention to drop out of the election. However, some reports suggest he is privately assessing whether it will be necessary depending on the outcome of his upcoming public events and interviews.

A small number of current and former Democratic officials have suggested the president should step aside. For the time being, though, the party is overwhelmingly still committed to his candidacy. If Biden were to drop out, Harris would be the default option to replace him, as she is already on the ticket and would be able to take advantage of the Biden campaign’s war chest, whereas any other candidate would have to start from zero.

The speculation comes at a critical time in the election cycle, with both parties ramping up their campaigns and preparing for the final stretch before Election Day. The impact of such a significant shift in the Democratic ticket could have far-reaching implications for the campaign strategies of both sides.

Trump’s comments, delivered in his characteristic brash style, are likely to further inflame the already heated political atmosphere. His remarks about Biden and Harris, while echoing his previous criticisms, underscore his readiness to pivot his campaign focus should there be a change in his opponent.

Meanwhile, Democratic leaders and Biden supporters are closely watching the President’s next moves, with many hoping for a strong showing in his upcoming engagements to quell the rising doubts. The pressure is on for Biden to demonstrate resilience and capability to maintain confidence among voters and within his party.

As the situation develops, all eyes will be on the Biden campaign and its response to the swirling rumors and internal deliberations. The next few weeks could be pivotal in shaping the course of the 2024 presidential election.

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