“TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME.” Judge Chutkan Decides on Imprisoning Donald Trump

 “TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME.” Judge Chutkan Decides on Imprisoning Donald Trump

Photo: Associated Press (AP)

U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan, overseeing the election interference case linked to former President Donald Trump, recently made a notable ruling.

The Conservative Brief reported on October 31, 2023, that Judge Chutkan declined the Department of Justice’s proposal to jail Trump for breaching a renewed gag order. In her statement, she expressed, “The court concludes that granting it is not necessary to effectively enforce the order at this time.”

She reinstated the previously lifted gag order, highlighting that the right to a fair trial is essential not just for Trump but also for the government and the public. Moreover, she dismissed Trump’s plea for an extended delay on the order, which bars him from making public comments about court staff, potential witnesses, or the special counsel’s team while his appeal proceeds.

Former federal prosecutor Michael McAuliffe observed that Judge Chutkan is likely acting cautiously due to the case’s high profile. He mentioned, “A good judge knows to wait until issues are ripe for resolution.”

Previously, Chutkan had briefly removed the gag order, allowing both sides to offer more details regarding Trump’s plea to postpone the order during his appeal.

The Justice Department has been instructed to respond to Trump’s plea for an extended gag order delay by Wednesday, and Trump is to respond by the subsequent Saturday.

After the gag order was reactivated, Trump took to his Truth Social platform, labeling Judge Chutkan biased and alleging the order violated his First Amendment rights. In his comments, he criticized the judge as a “TRUE TRUMP HATER” and accused her of displaying “TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME.”

Prosecutors maintain that the gag order is vital for maintaining the integrity of the legal proceedings, while Trump’s attorneys argue it infringes on his free speech rights and hinders his 2024 campaign.

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