Axios looks at Joe Biden’s ‘surprising vulnerability’ with working-class voters

 Axios looks at Joe Biden’s ‘surprising vulnerability’ with working-class voters

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According to the Democratic narrative, Americans are yet to fully appreciate the benefits of Bidenomics. Despite President Joe Biden frequently highlighting its successes, possibly to boost his own image, skepticism persists.

After Biden’s controversial “Red Speech,” there has been a push to coin a popular catchphrase, with “Bidenomics” seeming to take the forefront.

Regardless, his approval rating remains approximately 40 percent. Axios has highlighted a specific demographic where Biden appears vulnerable: non-white working-class voters.

Despite Biden’s efforts to relate through anecdotes like his commute from Scranton and mentioning past experiences, such as driving a big rig, there remains doubt about his genuine blue-collar connections.

It’s such a mystery. What could it be? Josh Kraushaar reports:

One of the main reasons President Biden is struggling in polls against former President Trump is his glaring underperformance with a constituency that has long been overwhelmingly Democratic: non-white voters without a college degree.

Why it matters: As Democrats have made major gains with suburban and upper-middle-class voters since Trump’s political ascendance, they’ve been losing support among blue-collar voters.

Pundits have focused heavily in recent years on white, working-class voters who changed their allegiances from former President Obama to Trump — and have made up a key part of the new GOP coalition.

But Democrats have lost significant ground among their non-white counterparts as well, turning a political weakness into a major headache heading into 2024.

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