“Just like we drew it up” Super Bowl Conspiracy Theories Spark Internet Frenzy with Taylor Swift and Joe Biden at the Center

 “Just like we drew it up” Super Bowl Conspiracy Theories Spark Internet Frenzy with Taylor Swift and Joe Biden at the Center


In a remarkable turn of events, the Kansas City Chiefs emerged victorious in the 58th Super Bowl, an outcome that has sparked a flurry of amusement across the internet due to swirling conspiracy theories linking Taylor Swift and President Joe Biden to the game. These theories, which have captivated the online community, suggest an elaborate narrative involving clandestine operations and political maneuverings.

Central to the web of speculation is a theory that posits a covert CIA operation with pop superstar Taylor Swift at its core. The narrative suggests that Swift’s outspoken refusal to endorse Donald Trump in the presidential elections of 2020 and 2024 played into a larger, more intricate plot. Proponents of the theory point to the numerical coincidence surrounding Super Bowl 58, where the sum of the digits, 5 and 8, equals 13.

This number holds particular significance as it corresponds to the title of one of Taylor Swift’s albums, a detail highlighted by Fox News earlier in the week. The intricacies of the conspiracy theories vary widely, but a common thread involves Swift purportedly concocting this elaborate scheme within the confines of a government laboratory.

The ultimate aim, according to this fantastical narrative, was to position herself to date Travis Kelce of the Chiefs three decades later, thereby influencing the 2024 presidential election in favor of Joe Biden. Commentators and public figures have weighed in on the unfolding drama with a mixture of jest and bewilderment.

Blake Brown humorously remarked on the infallibility of the “deep state,” while former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton took a more straightforward approach by extending congratulations to Taylor Swift’s boyfriend. The situation took a humorous turn when President Biden himself joined the conversation with a tweet that seemed to playfully acknowledge the theories.

Accompanied by a “Dark Brandon” image, depicting him with glowing red eyes, Biden’s tweet, “Just like we drew it up,” added a layer of levity to the discourse, suggesting that in the end, the President had the “last laugh” amidst the bizarre and entertaining saga that unfolded around the 58th Super Bowl.

“The deep state never loses,” joked Blake Brown.

Others, like former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, congratulated Taylor Swift’s boyfriend.

But it was Biden who had the last laugh.

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