Why Did Joe Biden Need Three Aliases in Ukraine-Related Emails? Awww, You Know Why!

 Why Did Joe Biden Need Three Aliases in Ukraine-Related Emails? Awww, You Know Why!

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Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.) from the House Oversight Committee has recently sought access from the National Archives to all emails associated with the Biden family’s interactions with Burisma and Ukraine. Interestingly, unfamiliar names such as “Robert L. Peters,” “Robin Ware,” and “JRB Ware” have surfaced from these emails, raising questions about why the former vice president might have used multiple pseudonyms.

JRB are the initials of Joseph Robinette Biden. #NotVeryClever

FACT-O-RAMA! Miranda Devine, the New York Post reporter who broke the story of Hunter Biden’s laptop, found and confirmed Joe Biden’s three sock puppets back in 2021.

John Flynn, a former associate of then-VP Joe Biden, dispatched a scheduling email to “Robert.L.Peters@pci.gov” on May 26, 2016. This communication reminded Biden of an upcoming 8:45 a.m. preparation for a 9 a.m. conversation with Ukraine’s then-leader, Petro Poroshenko. It’s notable that Hunter Biden was also included in this correspondence. This was one among ten such communications Flynn sent to Joe Biden with Hunter being copied. At this period, Hunter Biden and Devon Archer were reportedly receiving a monthly payment of $83,333 each from Burisma.

In a parallel to questions raised about Hillary Clinton’s email server, the domain “pci.gov” from which Flynn’s emails originated has since been decommissioned and was labeled as “problematic” by the Domain Name System (DNS) security in 2020.

REMINDER-O-RAMA! Joe Biden bragged that he forced Poroshenko to fire the Ukrainian prosecutor looking into Burisma for possible corruption. He threatened to withhold $1 billion in aid to Ukraine if the prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, wasn’t fired in six hours.

Rep. Comer’s inquiry encompasses emails involving both Joe and Hunter Biden, Devon Archer, and Eric Schwerin, inclusive of communications under the speculated pseudonyms used by Joe Biden.

MATH-O-RAMA!  I find it odd that $83,333 times three equals exactly $250,000. Was someone else getting one-third of $250,000 every month? Stay tuned to PJ Media to find out.

Existing records seem to suggest apprehensions within the Biden group. For instance, a message dated May 20, 2017, from Hunter’s business collaborator, James Gilliar, to another partner, Tony Bobulinski, cautioned against openly mentioning Joe Biden’s involvement.

Rep. Comer anticipates all relevant unedited emails from the mentioned individuals to be provided by Aug. 31, 2023.

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